Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) Training Course Level 3

Reach the pinnacle of your Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) journey with Adwait Yoga School’s Level 3 Training Course. This advanced program is designed for those who have mastered the foundational and intermediate levels of KAP and are now ready to step into the role of facilitators and trainers themselves. Embrace the opportunity to deepen your spiritual practice, expand your knowledge, and contribute to the awakening of others through this comprehensive and transformative course.

Guruji Sri Yogi Anand Adwait

Course Overview: Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) Level 3

KAP Training Course Level 3 is the most advanced program offered by Adwait Yoga School, focusing on the mastery of Kundalini Activation techniques and the development of teaching skills. This course is tailored for individuals committed to not only their personal growth but also to guiding others on their spiritual journeys. It encompasses advanced practices, teaching methodologies, and leadership skills necessary for becoming a KAP trainer.

Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) Training Course Level 3 by master Sri Yogi Anand

Established Since 2007

What You Will Learn

Major Topics covered in Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) Level 3

  • Advanced Kundalini Techniques: Explore the most advanced Kundalini activation techniques and learn how to facilitate these experiences for others.
  • Teaching Methodologies: Gain in-depth knowledge of effective teaching strategies, curriculum development, and student engagement.
  • Leadership Skills: Develop the leadership qualities essential for guiding students through their Kundalini awakening process with compassion and wisdom.
  • Ethics and Responsibility: Understand the ethical considerations involved in teaching Kundalini practices and learn how to create a safe and supportive environment for your students.
  • Community Building: Learn how to build and nurture a community of practitioners, fostering a supportive network for ongoing spiritual growth.
Course Structure

Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) Training Course Level 3 Structure

The Level 3 course includes an extensive in-person training session, details of which will be announced, followed by ongoing mentorship and support through online platforms. This structure ensures that aspiring trainers receive both the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to excel in their roles. Participants will engage in hands-on teaching practice, receive personalized feedback, and connect with a global community of KAP practitioners.

Course Content

Course Curriculum of Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) Training Course Level 3

The Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) Training Course Level 3 at Adwait Yoga School, guided by the esteemed master Sri Yogi Anand, represents the zenith of the KAP journey, designed to prepare participants for the role of facilitators and leaders in the realm of spiritual awakening. The curriculum is structured to provide an in-depth understanding of advanced Kundalini practices, teaching methodologies, and leadership skills essential for guiding others through their Kundalini activation journey.

Comprehensive Course Curriculum:

1. Mastery of Advanced Kundalini Activation Techniques

– Deepening the understanding and experience of Kundalini energy flow
– Advanced meditation and pranayama techniques for higher states of consciousness
– Techniques for safely managing intense energy activations in self and others

2. Teaching Methodologies and Curriculum Development

– Crafting effective lesson plans and courses for various levels of students
– Engaging teaching methods tailored to diverse learning styles
– Assessment strategies to gauge student progress and understanding

3. Leadership Skills in Spiritual Practice

– Developing the qualities of a compassionate and effective leader
– Navigating the challenges and responsibilities of guiding spiritual growth
– Building confidence and authority as a KAP facilitator

4. Ethics and Safety in Kundalini Activation

– Understanding the ethical considerations in spiritual teaching
– Creating a safe and supportive environment for students’ spiritual journeys
– Addressing and managing energy imbalances and Kundalini syndrome

5. Integration of Kundalini Practices with Other Modalities

– Exploring the synergy between KAP and other spiritual and healing practices
– Adapting Kundalini techniques for complementary use in yoga, meditation, and therapy

6. Personal Mentorship and Feedback

– Receiving personalized guidance and feedback from master Sri Yogi Anand
– Mentorship sessions focused on refining facilitation skills and personal growth

7. Community Building and Networking

– Strategies for building a supportive KAP community
– Networking with other KAP facilitators and spiritual practitioners

8. Practical Teaching Experience

– Hands-on teaching practice with real students
– Peer review sessions and feedback to hone facilitation skills

9. Ongoing Support and Development

– Access to a network of KAP facilitators for continued learning and support
– Opportunities for advanced training and specialization within the KAP community

This comprehensive curriculum is designed to not only impart advanced knowledge and skills but also to foster a deep personal transformation in the participants, preparing them to be leaders and facilitators in the Kundalini Activation Process. Graduates of this course will be equipped to guide others with wisdom, compassion, and authority, contributing significantly to the global spiritual awakening movement.


Who should attend Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) Training Course Level 3

This course is ideal for:

  • Graduates of KAP Training Courses Level 1 and 2 who are passionate about teaching and guiding others.
  • Experienced yoga teachers, healers, and wellness professionals looking to expand their offerings.
  • Individuals committed to their spiritual path and interested in taking on a leadership role within the KAP community.
Meet Our Team

Awesome Master & Facilitator

Adwait Yoga School is renowned for its commitment to excellence in spiritual education and its supportive community. Our Level 3 training is led by highly experienced facilitators who are not only masters of Kundalini Activation but also skilled educators. By choosing Adwait Yoga School for your advanced training, you are joining an esteemed institution that values integrity, depth, and the empowerment of its students.

Sri Yogi Anand Adwait Yoga School

Master Sri Yogi Anand


Harish Misal

Sri Harish Misal



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Embark on the ultimate phase of your KAP journey with us and become a beacon of light for others on their path to awakening.

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For the Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) Training Level 2 at Adwait Yoga School, we have structured our pricing to reflect the depth and value of this transformative course. Recognizing the commitment our students make to their spiritual growth, we’ve ensured that the course fee encompasses all aspects of the training, including the intensive in-person sessions, comprehensive online support, and access to exclusive resources. We also offer flexible payment plans to accommodate the diverse financial needs of our participants.


(without food and accommodation)
$ 1999
  • Comprehensive Manual Book
  • Professional Training
  • Holistic Community
  • Free Spiritual Guidance
  • Professional Assistance
3 months


(with food and accommodation)
$ 3700
  • Comprehensive Manual Book
  • Professional Training
  • Holistic Community
  • Free Spiritual Guidance
  • Professional Assistance
3 months

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