50 hour Meditation Teacher Training Course in India

Join this course and become Certified Meditation Teacher.

This course is certified by Yoga Alliance USA and World Yoga Alliance accredited Institute – Adwait Yoga School.

50-hour Meditation Teacher Training Course is an International Certified Meditation Course. This is a best suitable Meditation Training Course in India, for them who want to deepen and expand the knowledge of Meditation, and further want to become a teacher to teach the meditation around the world.

50 hours meditation training is now available from the Adwait Yoga School. These are the ideal years to go into this field as it is still relatively new and the opportunities to make a lot of money are also relatively new. This is a highly sought after position because it involves so much work, but also it is one that requires a lot of responsibility. It involves training people in the business aspect of medicine in an environment where they can learn their work habits and ethics along with the practical skills they need to be successful.

If you want to take up the training you should not delay. This is an extremely rewarding opportunity that many other professions are not offering at this time. There are special courses available for those who want to work as a meditation instructor, so you have the choice of either getting a normal job or pursuing your chosen career full-time.

The training involves a number of modules which are covered within the scheduled timeline. It will consist of theory and practical, both. The trainer will train the students with all the necessary techniques, tools and information. The trainees need to pass the final examination, which will ensure that they are equipped to teach others. If you do decide to proceed with the training, you will find it will not be difficult to fit it in at work or school, because there are plenty of opportunities for it all over the country.

Meditation Teacher Training India
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Main Features of this Course

International Certification

After the completion of the course you would be awarded with international certificate.

Best Syllabus

The syllabus is made by Sri Yogi Anand, founder of Adwait Yoga School, himself, based on his years of extensive studies, research and experiences.

Qualified Trainers

Your would be trained by highly qualified, certified and experienced trainers, in the spirit of authenticity and scientific approach.

Lifetime Professional Guidance

Even after you complete the course, and you embark on the journey of meditation teaching, you would get lifetime professional guidance.

Syllabus of 50 hour Meditation TTC Program

Techniques, Training and Practice (TTP)

  • TTP 101 – Preparations for Meditation
  • TTP 102 – Postures of Meditation
  • TTP 103 – Pranayama / Breathing Exercises before Meditation
  • TTP 104 – Concentration developing exercises
  • TTP 105 – Body Scan
  • TTP 106 – Yoga Nidra
  • TTP 107 – Chakra Meditation
  • TTP 108 – Mantra Meditation
  • TTP 109 – Anapan Sati (Mindfulness of Breathings)
  • TTP 110 – Sakshi Meditation
  • TTP 111 – Dynamic Meditation
  • TTP 112 – Transcendental Meditation

Teaching Methodology (TM)

  • TM 201 – How to conduct Guided Meditation
  • TM 202 – Tools & Props of Meditation

Philosophy Psychology/ Lifestyle Ethics (PPLE)

  • PPLE401 – The Philosophy, Psychology & History of Meditation
  • PPLE402 – Diamond Sutra

Duration of this course

  1. Normally this course is completed within 2 weeks, if you attend the classes 5 days a week.
  2. Alternatively, if you attend 3 days a week classes, then this course is completed within 4 weeks.

Fees of this course

50 hour Meditation Teacher Training Course

20,000 Duration: 2 Weeks
  • International Certificate
  • Manual Book
  • Excellent Tution
  • Lifetime Professional Guidance
  • Work Assistance
  • Opportunity to associate with us

Fee Inclusions:

  • Tuition fee and mandatory text.
  • Certificate from our School.

Fee Exclusions:

  • Food, accommodation, and boarding (can be arranged at extra cost)
  • Transfers (can be arranged on request at extra cost)
  • Other personal requirements
  • Anything not specifically mentioned in Inclusions

Key benefits of this course offered by us

  • You would learn Authentic Meditation Science
  • The knowledge of philosophical as well as practical aspects of Meditation
  • The therapeutic aspects of Meditation
  • Integral Understanding of Meditation
  • Teaching Skill of Meditation

Our TTC will let you experience the extremely needed combination of Traditional teachings along with the modern scientific methods of practices. Adwait Yoga School aims to bring the authentic and best teachings of Yoga & Meditation from the most respected schools worldwide in an encapsulated program that will make proficient & confident teachers capable of teaching anywhere in the World and to a diverse audience.

Last but not least, you will be taught in the spirit of sincerity and authenticity that epitomizes the true spirit of Meditation – something that you would be expected to carry forth in your teachings to other students.

Meditation Enhances
Your Life

There are numerous benefits of meditation. You enhance your complete life, realizing the followings:

Mental Focus
Peace, Joy, Happiness

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