Swar Vigyan Courses

Welcome to the comprehensive Swar Vigyan Courses offered by Adwait Yoga School, an International Holistic Health Institute. Our courses are designed to take you on a transformative journey from the fundamentals to the advanced practices of Swar Vigyan, the ancient science of breath. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, our structured courses will guide you to harness the power of breath for holistic well-being and spiritual growth.


Swar Vigyan Courses at Adwait Yoga School

Swar Vigyan Courses at Adwait Yoga School offer a unique opportunity to master the ancient science of breath, guiding you from beginner to advanced levels. Designed by the esteemed Master Sri Yogi Anand, these courses delve into the profound wisdom of Swar Vigyan, exploring its impact on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Our comprehensive curriculum, which blends traditional teachings with modern scientific insights, provides practical applications for daily life, making it accessible and beneficial for everyone. Join our supportive community and transform your life through the power of breath at Adwait Yoga School. Enroll today to start your journey towards holistic well-being and spiritual growth.

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Course Types

Swar Vigyan Courses at Adwait Yoga School

Swar Vigyan Course Level 1 (Beginners Level)

Embark on your journey into the ancient science of Swar Vigyan with our Level 1 course, designed specifically for beginners. This 1-week course provides a foundational understanding of Swar Vigyan, introducing you to the basic principles of breath science and its significance in daily life. You will learn about the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna nadis, and how breath patterns influence your physical and mental states. Practical applications and techniques to identify and harness the power of your breath will empower you to achieve greater balance and well-being. Enroll now to unlock the transformative potential of Swar Vigyan.

Swar Vigyan Course Level 2 (Intermediate Level)

Deepen your knowledge and practice of Swar Vigyan with our Level 2 course, tailored for intermediate learners. Spanning 2 weeks, this course builds on the foundational concepts from Level 1, delving into more advanced techniques and applications. You will explore the impact of dominant Swar on various aspects of life, learn to align daily activities with breath patterns, and understand the auspicious timings for optimal outcomes. The course also covers the intricate relationships between the five elements (Tatvas) and Swar, providing practical exercises for balancing these energies. Join us to enhance your mastery of Swar Vigyan and experience profound personal growth.

Swar Vigyan Course Level 3 (Advanced Level)

Achieve mastery in Swar Vigyan with our Level 3 course, the pinnacle of our breath science training. Over 4 weeks, this advanced course offers an in-depth exploration of Swar Vigyan, integrating complex techniques with holistic practices such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. You will learn to manipulate Swar to influence outcomes, apply breath science in special conditions like exams and important meetings, and make accurate predictions using Swar and astrological principles. This course also emphasizes practical assessment and real-life applications, ensuring you can effectively utilize Swar Vigyan in all areas of life. Enroll now to become a true adept in the science of breath and achieve holistic excellence.

Why Choose Us

Why Swar Vigyan Courses at Adwait Yoga School?

Choosing Swar Vigyan Courses at Adwait Yoga School means embarking on a transformative journey with a renowned institution dedicated to holistic health and spiritual growth. Our courses stand out for their comprehensive curriculum and structured approach, ensuring you receive a thorough understanding of Swar Vigyan at every level. Learn from our experienced instructors who bring decades of expertise and practical insights into the ancient science of breath.

Our flexible course durations cater to various learning needs, from beginners to advanced practitioners, providing practical applications for daily life. Upon successful completion, you will earn a prestigious certification that acknowledges your proficiency in Swar Vigyan.

Moreover, you will become part of a supportive global community, receiving continuous resources and support to enhance your holistic well-being. Enroll today and discover why Adwait Yoga School is the premier choice for mastering the ancient science of Swar Vigyan.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Structured courses covering all levels of Swar Vigyan.

Experienced Instructors

Learn from experts in Swar Vigyan and holistic health.

Online Training

Online Swar Vigyan Courses through Live Sessions.

Practical Applications

Emphasis on real-life applications of Swar Vigyan.

Flexible Durations

Courses range from 1 week to 4 weeks.


Earn a certificate upon successful completion of each level.

Supportive Community

Become part of a global network of like-minded individuals and receive ongoing support and resources.


Our Honorable Award.

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Meet Our Team

Awesome Trainers

Our Swar Vigyan Courses are led by a team of awesome trainers who are not only experts in breath science but also passionate educators dedicated to your holistic growth. Each trainer brings a wealth of experience, deep knowledge, and practical wisdom, ensuring you receive the highest quality instruction. With personalized guidance and unwavering support, our trainers will inspire and empower you to master the ancient science of Swar Vigyan and transform your life. Join us and learn from the best in the field at Adwait Yoga School.

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Founder and Master Trainer

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