300 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course

300 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course in India is an advanced Pranayama Teacher Training Course. Our 300 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course consists of some Intermediate and most Advanced level of techniques, training and practices. This course is done after completing 200 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course. Even if you don’t want to become a pranayama teacher, this advanced pranayama teacher training course is relevant to you, if you want to learn advanced Pranayama Techniques.  

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The 300 hour pranayama teacher training course in India is the next step for those who have completed the 200 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course and want to specialize in teaching the pranayama. This course also prepares students to become a professional Pranayama Teacher. This course is completed in 6 weeks, for regular trainees, and 3 months for weekend trainees.  Students cover all modules during this period of time. At least 70% attendance in the training classes required.

The training course includes theory and practice of pranayama, as well as practical training in the postures, meditation, bandhas, mudras, kriyas, chanting, mantras, Ayurveda, etc. Students learn teaching methods and are taught how to apply them in different settings. There are also daily homework quizzes to test their knowledge. The coursework is designed to meet the needs of diverse students, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

The 300 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course covers four modules and a comprehensive curriculum. The course consists of at least 150 hours of live training sessions and approximately 150 hours of non-contact study. The course also includes the study of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and meditation. It also covers yoga philosophy and sequencing, as well as various modern forms of Pranayama. Advanced pranayama training will prepare students to teach advanced yoga techniques. In addition to basic postures, students will learn the anatomy of each one and the principles of the yogic system of breathing and circulation.

Course Features of 300 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course

Best Pranayama Trainers

Our well qualified and knowledgeable pranayama trainers provide the training of Pranayama Course.

Rapid Progress

Even in the beginning of the course, every trainee experiences rapid progress in overall health.

Rich Manual Book

Every trainee receives the manual book, which is very comprehensive and rich in all aspects - authenticity and efficacy.

Lifetime Free Professional Guidance

Even you finish your Pranayama Training Course, you need the lifetime guidance along the path. We are committed to provide you lifetime free professional guidance.

3 Mediums of Training

We provide our training in 3 ways - Offline, Online and Hybrid. A trainee can join any suitable medium of training classes.

Membership Perks

We give membership perks to our registered trainees, that is an access to our premium course content, and provide the rich e-books on Pranayama.

Tools of Pranayama Training

The Components of 300 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course

Asana (Posture)

Asanas or postures practices are very important to purify the blood, and to release the stiffness from the body, so as to practice pranayama effectively. In this course, you will learn different groups of Asanas.

Pranayama (Breathings)

Pranayama or breathing exercise is the main and featured practice of this course. In this course, you will learn various techniques and secrets of Advanced Pranayama, which will make you an advanced pranayama practitioner and teacher.

Dhyana (Mindfulness)

Dhyana or Mindfulness is an important tool of Pranayama. To apply the techniques of Pranayama and to note the effects of same, Mindfulness is essential to practice. In this course, you wil learn various techniques of Dhyana, to make your Pranayama practice special.

Bandha (Locks)

Bandha or muscular lock helps prevent the leakage of Prana or Chi or Ki energy from the body. To conserve and channelize the prana energy Bandha practice is very important. In this course, you will learn 4 types of Bandhas.

Mudra (Gesture)

Mudra or gesture is a tool of Hatha Yoga, which helps create energy by making specific coil of energy. In this course, you will learn some advanced Mudras, which will help your Pranayama more advanced.

Kriya (Purificatory Practices)

Kriya or purificatory activities of Yoga will help cleanse the Nadis, energy channels, through which prana moves. In this course, you will learn some highly effective and powerful Kriyas.


Relaxation is very important to stabilize the prana energy in the body. Relaxation helps people improve their concentration, mood, and stress levels. You will learn some tools of Relaxation to improve yur Pranayama practice.


The ancient practice of Yoga and Ayurveda have a lot in common. Both focus on body and mind health. However, Pranayama emphasizes cultivating Sattva while Ayurveda is a healing method that focuses on bringing the body into balance. You will learn Ayurveda to help your Pranayama practice more effective.


Ethical practices purify one's Soul, which is the basis of Prana. If Soul is Pure, prana naturally becomes pure, which helps build best health. Ethical practices make you Spiritual and eligible to understand and practice advanced pranayama. In this course, you will learn some personal and universal Ethics.

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Course Description

Taking 300 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course can be a great way to certify as an advanced Pranayama Teacher. It can also help you discover new things and explore the dimensions of your life. You can enroll in this advanced pranayama training program and study at your own pace.

Our 300-hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course focuses on the detailed study of Prana and Pranayama.  Trainees learn some spirituality and the physical aspects of the human body. Students learn about their energy, flexibility, strength, and weakness. They also explore different types of poses. This type of training is good for intermediate and advanced students.

The advanced course focuses on the subtle body, as well as how to heal yourself. Energy healing addresses relationships, spiritual health, and physical wellbeing.

Each module is designed to provide in-depth study. Students can select units that suit their individual interests and skills.

Classes are held offline as also on-demand, live, and online. In addition to the classes, the program includes daily home practice. If you are an aspiring pranayama teacher, you will want to attend classes from a school that offers a living, breathing lineage. Choose an Institute which adheres to the tradition also incorporating the scientific researches in the health field, having teacher who is humble, committed to maintaining the lineage, and dedicated to teaching others.

You will also need to complete 70% attendance in the training. Once you’ve completed the training, you can use your new knowledge to expand your own practice and teach others.


1. Techniques Training Practice (TTP)
2. Anatomy & Physiology (AP)
3. Philosophy
3. Professional Essentials (PE)

300 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course Fee


$ 1399 Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Manual Book
  • Professional Training
  • International Certification
  • Adwait Community Membership
  • Unlimited Assistance
  • Foods & Accommodation


$ 2800 Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Manual Book
  • Professional Training
  • International Certification
  • Adwait Community Membership
  • Unlimited Assistance
  • Foods & Accommodation


$ 999 Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Manual Book
  • Professional Training
  • International Certification
  • Adwait Community Membership
  • Unlimited Assistance
  • Foods & Accommodation

Learn about yoga, mindfulness, and a healthy lifestyle.

By joining this course, you will learn yoga, mindfulness and ayurvedic lifestyle. 

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