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Why Do Adwait Yoga Center

Adwait Yoga School is very concerned with the yogic environment and spiritual atmosphere at its every center.

Yogic Environment

Adwait Yoga School is serious about creating and maintaining the yogic ambience at its every center, which consists of pure air, cleanliness, spaciousness, ventilation, positive energy, peaceful and joyful atmosphere.

Spacious Main room

Our center's main room ensures enough space for each participant, so as to freely move they body parts without hitting co-practitioners' bodies. In addition, that also help our teachers to have unrestricted views over the students or practitioners.

Acoustic treated Yoga room

Yoga should be practiced in quite quiet room. Our Yoga practice room is acoustically treated and sound proof, which helps deepen the meditation for profound peace, joy and healing.

Adwait Yoga School Centers

Small Group Classes

Adwait Yoga School understands the significance of small group of students in one session. This enables the participants to get more attention of the teacher or trainer for alignments and corrections in the Asana, Pranayama or Yoga Kriyas practices.

Cheerful environment

Cheerful environment is essential to de-stress the mind and body, so as to feel best health produced by Yoga practice.

Soothing Light

Soothing light of our Studio would facilitate your Yoga practices to create a desired results for better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Following Yoga Meditation photos would inspire you along the path of Yoga.

Our Classes

Our Yoga Mindfulness Meditation classes at our Studios which contain yogic ambience, would help you grow in your knowledge and practice.

Yoga Trainers

Our highly qualified and competent Yoga Teachers and Trainers would help you realize the power of Yoga Meditation and Spiritual Awakening.

Sri Yogi Anand Adwait Yoga School

Sri Yogi Anand

Master Trainer & Founder

Acharya Param

Sri Yogi Param

Senior Trainer & Co-founder

Harshit Sangal Adwait Yoga School Teacher

Sri Harshit Sangal

Expert Yoga Trainer

Mani Bhaskar Adwait Yoga School Teacher

Sri Mani Bhaskar

Advanced & Ashtanga Yoga Trainer

Jitesh Mishra Adwait Yoga School Teacher

Sri Jitesh Mishra

Advanced Yoga Trainer

Neha Sharma Adwait Yoga School Trainer

Ms. Sangeeta Chhetri

Expert Yoga Trainer

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