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Yoga Meditation Retreats in India

An opportunity to heal your mind and body, and transform your entire being.


Yoga Meditation Retreats at Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India

Yoga Meditation retreat is becoming more popular as people learn how beneficial they can be. You’ll agree that we live in a fast-paced world where there is little time to do anything relaxing, and often the things that should take our mind off the troubles and stresses of everyday life are neglected or pushed aside. Understandably, we’d want to go deeper into our own lives and escape from the stressful routines that so many people are used to. Therefore, a Yoga Meditation Retreat can be an excellent way for you to go deeper and spend some quality time with yourself.

Here’s a considerable rejuvenation through intensive Yoga Meditation Retreat by Adwait Yoga School, at Sravasti Homestay, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, (India), led by highly educated and experienced Himalayan Yoga-Meditation Master, Sri Yogi Anand.

Yoga Meditation Retreat Benefits

Retreat Can Help You

The benefits of yoga meditation retreats are many. Aside from the obvious benefit of spending time alone, you’ll find yourself much more relaxed and refreshed. You will have a chance to explore your inner self and discover your true potential. This will lead you to health and well-being, and you’ll soon get back to living a happier, healthier, and longer life. 

Ease & Reduce Pain

This retreat would ease and reduce your physical, mental and emotinal pains.

Improve Flexibility

Stretching, bending, twisting,
would improve flexibility in body.

Reduce Strees & Anxiety

Yoga Meditation practices would reduce stress and anxiety.

register 200 hour

Increase Muscle Strength

Yoga practices would increase your muscle strength, and promote health and fitness.

Sleep Better

Yoga Meditation techniques,
would enhance your sleep quality.

And So much More

The list of benefits of our Yoga Meditation retreat goes more.


  • 4 days of practice
  • 2 Yoga classes per day
  • Daily guided meditation sessions
  • Pranayama and Mindful Nourishment lessons
  • Outdoor activities like trekking, and local visits.
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Stunning surroundings

Skill Levels

Yoga Styles

  • 4 Days instruction in Hindi & English
  • Group Size: Maximum of 50 participants

Basic Class

Health & Hygiene


  • Uses cleaning chemicals that are effective against coronavirus.
  • Linens, towels and laundry washed in line with local authority guidelines.
  • Guest accommodation is disinfected between stays.
  • The accommodation partner we work with follows the guidelines of local authorities.
  • Equipment for activities is disinfected before and/or after use.

Physical distancing

  • Cashless payment available.
  • Physical distancing is maintained.
  • Instructors maintain a distance from the client at all times possible.
  • Activities take place outside where possible.

Safety features

  • Staffs follow all safety protocols as directed by the local government.
  • Hand sanitizer available in guest rooms and key areas.
  • Process in place to check the health of guests.
  • First aid kit available.
  • Protective masks are available for all staff.
  • Protective masks available for clients.


Check-in Time: 18:00

Check-out Time: 14:00


  • Neat & clean rooms
  • Dining area
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Restaurant
  • Smoke-free property
  • Yoga hall
  • Tour assistance
  • Open area
  • Ironing / ironing board
  • Laundry
  • Parking

You will be accommodated in spacious rooms with big windows, ensuite bathrooms, and western-style toilets, comfortable double beds with sofa. The rooms have free Wi-Fi and outdoor CCTV cameras around the properties. Sravasti is quiet, safe, and clean property where you can focus on your transformation.

Brief of our Program

Departure: September 15, 2021 (Wednesday), 6:30am, New Delhi Railway Station

Return: September 20, 2021 21:00 (Tuesday), New Delhi Railway Station

Destination: Sravasti Homestay, a Himalayan Resort

Package Cost:

Type of Room
Single Bed Room
INR 19,000, per person
Double Bed Room
INR 17,000, per person
3 Beds Room
INR 16,000, per person
*GST payable extra, as applicable.


  • Accommodation as mentioned above.
  • All vegetarian healthy meals
  • 3 times meals
  • Regular sessions of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Satsang, Q&A, by Sri Yogi Anand
  • Trekking
  • Travel by Shatabdi Train New Delhi – Dehradun, and further by shared taxi.
  • A touching and warm hospitality


  • Any medical expenses
  • Any other personal expenses such as telephone calls, laundry, etc.
  • Expenses incurred due to the delay in the schedule for reasons beyond the control of the organizers.
  • Insurance, if any.
  • Anything else not specifically mentioned in the “inclusion above”.


  • Participants must be willing to accept a vegetarian diet (Sattvic food). Alcohol, drugs or smoking will NOT be allowed during the program.  This is intended as a means to upkeep and support the spiritual energy of the group.
  • The schedule provides a basic frame and can be adapted if required. Please allow flexibility.

About the Resort – Sravasti Homestay

A new addition to Uttarkashi eco-tourism, Sravasti is a premium resort located at Gangotri Road, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. The resort lies in a serene valley, where you can feel a candid connection to the splendid nature of Uttarkashi.

Untouched by commercial tourism, Sravasti provides rejuvenation to body, mind and the whole beings. The resort provides homely feeling in the matchless weather of Uttarkashi. Because of its exclusive location, you can experience different weathers in a single day.

Sravasti is an abode for nature enthusiasts. Uttarakashi is also known as Somya Kashi. Uttarkashi is a religious place for spiritual and adventurous tourism. Uttarkashi town is also called as Shivnagri. The town has number of temples and ashrams.

About the Yoga & Nature Rejuvenation Program

Yoga is not merely a form of exercise for the body. It is an ancient wisdom for a healthier, happier, and more peaceful way of living, which ultimately leads to union with the Nature or Divine. Yoga is not just performing some acrobatic poses or huffing and puffing some Pranayama or “sleeping” your way through the so-called “meditation”.  It is a harmony between body, breathings, mind, and vibrant nature.

In ancient India, Yoga was traditionally imparted in the Guru-Kula, in Ashrams, or in forest hermitages set in a natural environment and the life style was perfectly in harmony with nature.  The entire personality, character, attitudes, of the student were observed by the Guru, in close personal contact who then subtly led the student step by step to higher Yogic modes of thought, feeling and action.  This lifestyle was an integral part of their training and allowed the natural power of yoga to grow within them as part of their daily lives. However, Yoga’s connection with nature and its concern for the environment is easily obscured, if not lost, in the modern yoga movement and its urban and commercial orientation. True Yoga works with nature and is able to awaken the higher powers of nature within us. 

Our Yoga & Nature Rejuvenation Retreat Program is a Wellness holidays aim to get your mind, body and spirit in rhythm with the Existence. During this tour, you walk in the foothills of Himalayas and camp at beautiful locations where you practice Yoga and meditation under the guidance of an experienced Himalayan Yoga and spiritual Master, Sri Yogi Anand. Your body and mind are opened through Yoga, meditation and stretching. This combination develops a more fulfilling physical exercise while strengthening and opening the mind for greater relaxation and awareness. 

Gift yourself this Yoga Meditation tour to spend your holidays relaxing and healing your body, mind and spirit. Embark on sacred, powerful and healing journeys to the Himalayas for health, peace and happiness.

The options are endless with Yoga, unique breathing practices, mindfulness, meditation, therapeutic Yoga, green Yoga, nature meditation, walking meditation, stress management, outdoor team building, yoga treks, nature meditation put together to give you an uplifting experience of a lifetime. 

Itinerary for everyday

  • 05:00am –Wakeup
  • 06:00am – Reach the hall for Morning Tea
  • 06:30am to 07:30am – Charming session of Yoga Asanas
  • 07:30am to 08.00am – Pranayama
  • 08:00am to 08.30am – Tea break
  • 08:30am – Meditation Session
  • 09:30am – Bath and breakfast
  • Free time for *Day wise activities
  • 01:00pm – Mindfulness Meditation
  • 01:30pm – Mindful Eating during Lunch
  • Free time with day wise activities
  • 05:00pm to 6.00pm – Yoga session
  • 06:00pm to 6.30pm – Meditation session
  • 06:30pm – Snacks
  • 07:00pm to 08.00pm – Satsang, Q&A
  • 08:30pm – Dinner

*Day wise Activities

Day 1

  • Start the trip at 6.45 AM by DDN Shatabdi Spl Train from New Delhi
  • De-board at Dehradun station at 12.55
  • Lunch at 01.30pm
  • And further journey by taxi
  • Arrive at Sravasti Homestay
  • Relax after having tea
  • Dinner

Day 2

As per Itinerary

Day 3

As per Itinerary

Day 4

As per Itinerary

Day 5

  • Before Lunch as per Itinerary
  • Checkout after Lunch, from Sravasti
  • Proceed for Dehradun Station 
  • Departure from Dehradun at 10.50pm by Dehradun Kota Spl Train
  • Tour ends at New Delhi Railway Station next day 4.30am

* The schedule may change as per circumstances.

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
Learn From Experience

Our Teacher

Sri Yogi Anand is a Himalayan Yogi, Mentor, Corporate Trainer, & Life Coach.

He had left his home at an early age in search of Truth to the Himalayan Mountains. After meeting several masters and Yogis, he was seeking the one who appealed to his inner core, nearly exhausted he finally found a Yogic Master under whom he did intensive Yogic Sadhana in the Himalayas, and experienced the Ultimate State of Consciousness called Samadhi in Yogic Parlance.

Over the years he received many requests for Yogic guidance and mentoring from people across different walks of life. With few followers particularly insistent he decided to share his knowledge and experience with seekers. Out of compassion Yogi Ji decided to spread his knowledge for human betterment.

Yogi Anand possesses vast experiences and in-depth knowledge of Yoga & Spirituality. He has comprehensive knowledge of both, practical and philosophical aspects of Yoga & Spirituality. Yogi Ji is rooted in the tradition of authentic lineage and his program aims to bring yoga back to its true place as a living art, and as a complete path to awareness and awakening. Since 1999, he has been teaching the secrets of Yoga & Spirituality compassionately through his institution now known as Adwait Yoga School. He has relentlessly pursued integrating scientific and medical approaches with yoga therapy.

Yogi Ji has dealt with more than 1500 cases of Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and disorders and more than 2000 orthopedic and lifestyle disorder cases. He has been guiding and mentoring people from different countries and cultures, he is a consultant with leading corporates, hospitals and wellness providers.

Sri Yogi Anand, Founder of Adwait Yoga School

Yoga Styles taught by Yogi Anand:

  • Hatha Yoga,
  • Ashtanga Yoga,
  • Kriya Yoga,
  • Kundalini Yoga,
  • Raja Yoga,
  • Spiritual Yoga

Philosophies taught by Yogi Anand:

  • Yoga
  • Samkhya
  • Vedanta
  • Bhagwad Geeta
  • Buddhism
  • Zen

Yogi Ji basis his interactions suggests the most apt technique suitable for the individual. There is always a personal connection in his sessions.

In order to deepen seekers’ knowledge and experiences, he has been offering the following programs for Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Mindfulness, Ethical Business Leadership, Integrity Orientation, Healing, and Spiritual Excellences:

  • Teacher Training Courses
  • Group & private Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Retreats

To know more about Sri Yogi Anand, you can visit his website:

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