How to become a certified yoga teacher in India?

In order to become a certified Yoga Teacher, a candidate needs to complete the registration process with a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS). Subsequently, the course starts on a scheduled date, and after successful completion of the course, trainee is awarded with the Certificate of relevant course.

Yoga Alliance recognizes the importance of certification. For this reason, they make every effort to certify every training course. They make sure that the Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor training course meets the most important standards and criteria as laid down by the Yoga Alliance Certification Program for a perfect 200 hour, 300 hour & 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course certification.

The most important part of the Yoga Course is the syllabus, which are prepared by experts, and has a written syllabus which is approved by the Yoga Alliance USA. Each course has a specific syllabus which covers all the aspects of yoga teaching. To enhance the understanding, there are also detailed notes and reference guides which help to understand the subject matter better. The syllabus is made up of chapters and is divided into sections such as Introduction, Yoga Meditation, Yoga Purity, Yoga Asanas, Yoga Technique, Yoga Fundamentals, Yoga Essentials and Yoga Ethics.

Residential & non-residential, cost-effective & intensive aforesaid yoga teacher training courses in Delhi India at Adwait Yoga School are accredited by Yoga Alliance USA or/and World Yoga Alliance. 22+ years of comprehensive study, experiences and research, the founder of Adwait Yoga School, Sri Yogi Anand, has made and ready the class materials, to guarantee quality, education, and certification.

The 200 hour, 300 hour & 500 hour Yoga Instructor Training Course are more suitable for those who want to teach for a longer time period at a reputed institute. The course covers all Yoga Essentials & Fundamentals.

To become a qualified yoga teacher, you must have a 500-hour TTC certification, or a minimum of two years of experience in Yoga Teaching. To be able to get the certification, you must take the complete Yoga Teacher Training Course and pass the exam, which is offered by us.

The Yoga Instructor Training Courses at our School are specially designed to train you in different aspects of Yoga Teaching. Yoga instructor training includes Yoga Techniques, Fundamentals, Yoga Essentials and Yoga Fundamentals. The training program also helps you to obtain a certification to teach Yoga Teacher Training.

Online Yoga Teacher Training

In addition to offline training, the above-mentioned courses are available online as well, and can be done at your convenience. Yoga Teacher Training Course in India by us, offers you the option to study Yoga from your own home also through Online classes. The entire course is offered effectively, including the syllabus, tests, assignments, sample exercises, and other topics of interest.

Where is the best yoga teacher training centre in India?

Adwait Yoga School is one of authentic Yoga Schools of India, which accredited with Yoga Alliance USA, World Yoga Alliance, and Government of India. Moreover, this Yoga School follows the lineage of Traditional Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Spiritual Yoga.

If you are searching for a best Yoga Teacher Training Center in India, you would find our School the one, which would end your search.

All of the aforesaid, Yoga Instructor Training Courses are offered in many other parts of the country, such as New Delhi, Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, Kolkata, Durgapur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad and other areas in India. You can do any of these courses at our Yoga Center near you. In addition, you can also opt to do this coursse at our main center in New Delhi, India.

Popular Courses

Followings are the worldwide popular Yoga Teacher Training Courses

200 hour yoga teacher training

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Delhi, India

RYT 200 Logo200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in India is certified by Yoga Alliance USA or World Yoga Alliance. This course is equivalent to Graduate level, which contains beginners, intermediate and some advanced levels of Asanas, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Kriya, Meditation and other components of Yoga. 

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Delhi India

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Delhi, India

RYS 300 Logo300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in India is certified by Yoga Alliance USA or World Yoga Alliance. This course is equivalent to Master level, which contains intermediate and advanced levels of Asanas, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Kriya, Meditation and other components of Yoga. 

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Delhi India

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Delhi, India

RYT 500 Logo500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in India is certified by Yoga Alliance USA or World Yoga Alliance. This course is an ultimate Yoga Alliance Standard Yoga Teacher Training Course, which contains beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of Asanas, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Kriya, Meditation and other components of Yoga. 

Short term Yoga Courses

There are several reasons why you may want to take short term yoga courses. Perhaps you are starting a yoga practice and want to see how it will work for you first, or perhaps you are just looking to add a bit of flexibility to your yoga routine, or you want to make a foundation for further professional yoga teacher training courses. No matter what the reason for taking yoga courses, it is important that you get all the information you need so you know what to expect.

In addition to aforesaid long term Yoga Courses, our School offers also short term Yoga Courses in Delhi, India. These short term Yoga courses can be done by the people who are working and having busy schedules, but want to learn the Yoga to deepen and expand the knowledge and practice of Yoga, Pranayama, Mindfulness, Meditation, and Spiritual Awakening. 

We have following two Short-term Yoga Courses:

  1. 50 hour Yoga Course, (Duration: 1 Week), and
  2. 100 hour Yoga Course, (Duration: 2 Weeks).
50 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Delhi India

50 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Delhi, India

50-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in India is short-term Yoga Training Course offered by Adwait Yoga School. This course contains beginners and intermediate levels of Asanas, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Kriya, Meditation and other components of Yoga. This course is very much relevant to the people who live very busy lives, but want to learn the basics of Yoga. 

100 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Delhi India

100 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Delhi, India

100-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in India offered by Adwait Yoga School is short-term Yoga Teacher Training Course. This course is done as a part of either 200-hour or 300-hour or 500-hour YTTC program. To begin Yoga Journey, this can be done independently also. This course contains basic and intermediate levels of Asanas, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Kriya, Meditation and other components of Yoga. 

Why Adwait Yoga School?

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Joining Adwait Yoga School for Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Studio Yoga Classes, Workshops, Retreats, and other programs have several potential reasons, as follows:

  • Affordable Fee Structures.​
  • Adwait Yoga School is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA and also by World Yoga Alliance, therefore, the above courses are International Certified Courses.
  • Above Teacher Training Courses would deepen and expand your knowledge and experiences about Yoga, Pranayama, Mindfulness, Meditation, and Spiritual Awakening.
  • Any of our TTC or other programs would make you more knowledgeable, confident, competent and professional Teacher or Trainer, and advanced practitioner of relevant Course or program.
  • You would gain comprehensive knowledge about the benefits as well as the contra-indications (side effects) of every Yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, bandha, mudra, yogic kriya, and any other component of the Subject.
  • You would expand your knowledge about History, Philosophy, Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Teaching Methodology, Adjustments, Alignments, Cueing, Professional development, and other requried qualities of a competent teacher.
  • Being an International Certified Trainer, you would be eligible to teach anywehre in the world.

Aims & Objectives of our School

The aim and objectives of a our yoga school are to enable students to make progress in their practice of yoga by learning the basic principles. There are three fundamental principles, known as dharma, which are central to yoga.

The primary aim of a our school is to develop the student into an effective, fully trained yoga practitioner. The yoga teacher is considered to be a spiritual guide to the students. The primary aim of the our school is to develop the person’s mind and spirit, enabling the student to achieve spiritual liberation. The aims and objectives of a our yoga school also include teaching students the basics of meditation, yoga postures, breathing exercises and pranayama.

Yoga has become a major discipline in the United States, many western countries and even entire world. There are many different styles of yoga. There are traditional yoga, power yoga and hatha yoga. Some of the most popular forms of yoga include Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar yoga, Power Yoga, and Kripalu Yoga.

There are many yoga schools in India, and many around the world, but our School is unique, as this is founded by an ordained Himalayan Yogi, Sri Yogi Anand with the main aim and objectives to provide students with authentic, scientific and comprehensive knowledge of yoga. They will help develop a foundation for yoga and ensure that the student gains a solid foundation in physical, mental and spiritual health.

Some of the aims and objectives of a our yoga school include giving students a deeper understanding of the theory of yoga. They will study the history of yoga, the physiology and the philosophy. They will also gain an understanding of the psychology of yoga, helping them to relate to other people better.

Other aims and objectives of a our school include providing students with a sense of empowerment by developing their self-esteem and confidence. They will learn how to meditate properly, learn to breathe properly and master their body in yoga poses. They will learn to use props to enhance the effects of their poses. They will also learn how to control themselves in positions that are difficult and increase flexibility and strength.

Our school also aim to offer classes that are relevant to the needs of people who wish to go on to become certified yoga teachers. This way they will have a greater understanding of how the poses work. and also gain valuable experience by working with others who are practicing yoga, which will help them become more qualified.

To become a certified yoga teacher, an individual must have completed an accredited Yoga teacher certification training program. They must also be able to pass an exam at the end of the program that tests the knowledge and skills they gained. They will be awarded a Yoga teacher certification when they successfully complete the program and pass their exam.

The aims and objectives of a our school influence the students who join our school for teacher training courses or just for advancement in their knowledge and practices. Since our School is an international yoga institution, we have trained hundreds of students coming in each year, then it is likely that the students will be from many different cultures. This may result in different levels of physical fitness and strength, which will make teaching yoga poses easier and more effective.

People who want to work as a yoga teacher certification train to become a teacher. They usually work under a professional teacher for a minimum of two years before becoming a proficient teacher. This allows the teacher to gain experience of yoga positions and helps them to improve their knowledge about the subject. If they wish to move up to the next level, they can then apply for a teaching position at a higher level.

What is eligibility to do the above Teacher Training Courses?

Anyone, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, nationality, religion, and academic qualification, can join any of above Courses. Also, people who really want to deepen and expand the knowledge of Yoga and its components like Asana, Pranayama, Mindfulness, Meditation, Kundalini, Kriya, Ayurveda, and Spiritual Awakening, can join any of our above TTC programs, and become certified teacher and trainer. However, an applicant needs to be physically, mentally and emotionally well and up to the mark. Our School teaches not only Asana or physical parts of Yoga, but being an Indigenous Yoga School of India, we also teach other essential parts of Yoga. Those fundamental parts of Yoga are: respect to the lineage and master, ethical commitments, fundamental yogic disciplines, love, empathy, compassion and Karma Yoga. Therefore, we advise to every applicant to have open mind to taste, experience and enjoy Indian Traditional Yogic culture at our School.

The best yoga teacher training centre in India

Adwait Yoga School (AYS) is a best Yoga Schools in India, which is founded by a Himalayan Yogi, Sri Yogi Anand, and is run by a charitable organization registered with Government of India, named Adwait Foundation®. This is an Accredited Yoga School by world’s largest and reputed Registrar of International Yoga Schools – Yoga Alliance USA and World Yoga Alliance.

This School offers varieties of programs related to Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Kundalini, Tantra, Mantra, Spiritual Awakening, Ayurveda, and Holistic Healing systems.

Our Programs


Yoga, Pranayama, Mindfulness, Kundalini, & Meditation.

Adwait Yoga School offers different professional international certified Teacher Training Courses throughout the year.

Health & Ftiness

Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, & Pregnancy Yoga

Studio Yoga Classes are best for them, who don’t want to do teacher training courses, but want to learn Yoga for wellbeing.

Meditation, Mindfulness, Kundalini, Chakra, Zen, & Vipassana

Studio Meditation Classes are best opportunities to learn the meditation in details, so as to grow in mind world.

Spiritual Awakening

Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga

Advanced Yoga Training program is for them, who are already teachers, but want to take their knowledge & practice to next level.

Advanced Yoga

For greater Strength & Flexibility

Our Power Yoga Classes are specially designed for them who are Fitness Trainer and want to learn and teach Yoga for Fitness.

yoga skills

To deepen your knowledge & practice

Our School keeps organizing Yoga Workshops for Yoga Teachers and Trainers for their continuing education in Yoga for personal & professional developments. 

For Corporate employees

Corporate Yoga Programs is an excellent offering of our School to Corporate World, for stay fit, well and proactive at workplace.

Yoga at Work
Unleash yourself

For Spiritual Transformation

We organize different types of retreats, at beautiful places of India, on: Yoga, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Ayurveda and other Healing Systems.

Health & Wellness

For Ideal Wellbeing

In addition to Yoga Training, Teaching, Workshops, Retreats, and other Yoga programs, we are glad to offer Healing Sessions and programs for best physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Get Started with a Yoga Package, at Adwait Yoga School

Before subscribing any of our following packages, have a Walk-in Session at our Yoga Studio at Malviya Nagar, New Delhi (INDIA).

Following pricing structure is only for Studio Classes. The home classes or personal training pricings are different.

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Monthly Membership


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