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100 hour Chakra Healing Course India

Our Certified 100-hour Chakra Healing Course in India is a beginner’s Chakra Healing Course for those who want to embark on a journey to learn about Chakra Healing. In our 100-hour Chakra Healing Course, you will learn about the energy centres called Chakras in your body, how to balance them and clear their blockages.

Chakras support mental, emotional and physical well-being. They are also the source of purification and assimilation of energy. The treatment techniques are perfect for anyone looking to maintain and achieve a state of well-being.

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Our 100-hour Chakra Healing Course is suitable for everyone who wants to expand their knowledge about Chakra Healing. Whether you want to become a Chakra Healer or deepen your knowledge about the chakras, this 100-hour Chakra Healing Course is suitable for you. You will learn the connection of the chakras to your body, the role of the chakras in your life, and how to identify and eliminate the blockages. You can join this course on your schedule. Once you have completed the lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Trainees will learn the anatomy and physiology of the body and the chakras. They will then learn how to heal traumas and build stronger relationships. Our 100-hour Chakra Healing Course will enhance their healing skills and relationship with Nature.

In addition to learning about the chakras, you will also learn the core practices of meditation. The chakra healing meditations are easy to follow.

You will also learn about the power of crystals and how to use them for healing. Crystals have a specific energy that you can use to balance your chakras.

Throughout the course, you will also learn about the history and philosophy of chakra healing. Every aspect of your life influences chakras, and vice versa.

100-hour Chakra Healing Course Features

If you’re looking for a new and fun way to learn more about chakra healing, you’re in luck. Thankfully, our 100-hour Chakra Healing Course has some fantastic features you would love. These include the fact that they’re accessible to students of beginners level and have a seven section format that makes learning more accessible. They can be combined with any modality you like.



Our 100-hour Chakra Healing Course is certified by an Authentic Yoga Meditation and Holistic Healing School of India - Adwait Yoga School.


Professional Training

Adwait Yoga School provides the professional training by professional trainers led by an Authentic Himalayan Yogi, Scholar and Healer - Sri Yogi Anand.

Rich Manual Book

Our 100 hour Chakra Healing Course Manual book is rich in all aspects - based on ancient scriptures, modern scientific research and findings, empirical knowledge, and international standards.


Lifetime Free Professional Guidance

After you finish the course, you will get our lifetime professional guidance in your self practice and professional journey.

Additional Features of our 100-hour Chakra Healing Course

  • Prerequisites

    You can enrol in our 100-hour Chakra Healing Course to learn more about chakra healing. Chakras can heal and balance your energy system, helping you feel good and have more health, success and abundance. In addition to the physical aspects of chakras, there is also an emotional component. The chakras are spinning wheels of energy that interact with every aspect of our lives. They help us to experience clarity, forgiveness, love, and happiness.

  • Accessibility to all levels

    This course is accessible to all level practitioners. If you are fully fresher and need to gain background knowledge about the chakras, you can join this course. Also, you can join this course if you already have some basic knowledge about the charkas. If you are a chakra healer and want to add more knowledge and new experiences to your practices, you can join our 100-hour Chakra Healing Course program.

  • Seven-section course

    The chakra healing course is a great way to learn how to heal your body, amplify your energy, and enhance other healing methods. You'll get our rich Chakra Healing Course Manual Book, access to video tutorials, instructional and study materials in the form of e-books, and other content designed to help you reach your goals. The Seven-section course will teach you the basics of the chakra system and how to perform the appropriate practices to cleanse, energize, and stimulate your chakras. It will also teach you the anatomy of energy and how to use mantras, sound, and crystals to enhance the Chakras and their energies. Ultimately, you will be equipped with the tools you need to transform your relationships and become an effective healer. You'll be encouraged to pursue your interests and passions throughout the course. In fact, you must do so. Serving a purpose and helping others makes you feel good and, in turn, helps the world around you.

  • Case studies

    When you're interested in becoming a Chakra Healer, you must enrol in any of our Chakra Healing Course Training programs. This doesn't mean you must quit your job or move to a foreign country. You can join our Chakra Healing Course online wherever you are, at your availability. Our 100-hour Chakra Healing Course Training program teaches and trains students how to clear, balance and restore chakras. The course includes regular training sessions, newsletter updates on new courses and healing tips. You'll receive a certificate after you complete the course. This program teaches students how to start a healing practice. In addition to the comprehensive system, the course has case studies and assignments to help students gain experience.

  • Combination with any modality

    Adwait Yoga School's Chakra Healing Course is a holistic modality that can be used by practitioners of all stripes. The best part is that it is a risk-free way to enhance your healing practice. You will be rewarded with happy clients and an expanded repertoire of services. For instance, you can perform chakra cleansing sessions while incorporating Reiki and other holistic methods. Learning a few new modalities will allow you to offer your patients the highest level of care. The most effective way to do this is by taking Adwait Yoga School's Certified Chakra Healing Training Course program. This is a 2 weeks training program begins with an energetic health assessment. From there, you get to delve into a series of courses designed to help you gain the tools you need to take your healing practice to the next level.

100-hour Chakra Healing Course Tools

When it comes to learning more about chakra healing, there are many tools and techniques that you can use. These include anatomical diagrams to help you identify which chakras are blocked, foods that can help heal those particular chakras, and ways to deal with symptoms that occur in those chakras. There are also many online courses and group coaching options that you can take advantage of to learn more about the chakra system.


Kundalini Yoga

In our 100-hour Chakra Healing Course, we use Kundalini Yoga's components - asanas, pranayama, mantra, mudra, bandha, kriya, meditation, etc.



Ayurvedic herbs, diet and lifestyle effectively help activate, balance and heal the chakras. In this course, you will learn Ayurveda and its components for chakra healing.

assessment test

Sound Healing

Sound has tremendous healing power. We use Singing Bowls of different frequencies to heal relevant chakras. The lower frequency singing bowl heals lower chakras, and higher frequency singing bowls higher chakras.



Every crystal has specific energy flow, which enters the body and affects the energy centers called as Chakras. You will learn about Crystals to heal the Chakras.

100-hour Chakra Healing Course Curriculum

We provide the training of 100 hour Chakra Healing Course as per the Course Curriculum of 100-hour Chakra Healing Course Manual Book composed by our Guruji Sri Yogi Anand Ji. Following is the Course Curriculum.

What is Chakra? 

– Kundalini is a Universal Event
– Proceed Slowly, Sensibly and Systematically

1. Asanas (Yoga Postures) 
2. Pranayama (Deep Breathing) 
3. Bandha (Muscular Locks) 
4. Mudra (Gestures) 
5. Mantra 
6. Dhyana (Meditation) 
7. Ayurveda (Science of Longevity) 
8. Shatkarma (Six practices for cleansing) 
9. Shithilikran (Relaxation) 
10. Sugandha (Aroma) 
11. Nada (Sound) 
12. Varna (Color)
13. Sphatik (Crystal) 
14. Kundalini Awakening 
15. Adhyatma (Spirituality) 
16. Yogic Lifestyle 

#1 Tool for Chakra Healing  – ASANAS (Yoga postures)

– ASTHI GRANTHI KRIYA (Joint Exercises) 

– Classical Surya Namaskar
– Ashtanga Yoga’s Surya Namaskara A
– Ashtanga Yoga’s Surya Namaskar B 

1. Prarthanasana (Prayer Pose) 
2. Tadasana (Palm Tree pose)
3. Tiryak Tadasana (Bending palm tree pose) 
4. Katichakrasana (Waist twisting pose) 
5. Hastauttanasana (Hands raise pose) 
6. Padahastasana (Hand to feet) 
7. Virbhadrasana I (Warrior Pose I) 
8. Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II) 
9. Virabhadrasana III (Warrior III ) 
10. Trikonasana (Triangle pose) 
11. Parivritta Trikonasana (Revolved triangle pose) 
12. Utkatasana (Chair pose) 
13. Natarajasana (King dancer pose) 37
14. Parivritta Utkatasana (Revolved chair pose) 
15. Vrikshasana (Tree pose) 
16. Garudasana (The Eagle pose) 
17. Lasyasana (Parvati or Backbend pose) 
18. Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide spread legs pose) 
19. Utkatasana Konasana (Goddess pose) 
20. Skandasana (The god of war or Side lunge pose) 
21. Anjaneyasana (Crescent moon pose) 
22. Marjari Asana (Cat/cow pose) 
23. Vyaghrasana (Tiger pose) 
24. Parivritta Janu Shirsasana (Revolved head to knee pose) 
25. Janu Sirshasana (head to knee pose) 
26. Paschimottanasana (Head to knee pose) 
27. Purvottanasana (Upward Plank Pose) 
28. Ardha Matsyendrasana (The Lord of the Fishes pose) 
29. Gomukhasana (Cow face pose) 
30. Vajrasana (Thunderbolt pose) 
31. Mandukasana (Frog pose) 
32. Supta Vajrasana (Reclining Thundrebolt pose) 
33. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose) 
34. Shashankasana (Hare/Rabbit pose) 
35. Gatyatmaka Bhujangasana (Striking cobra pose) 
36. Ardha Shalabhasana (Half Locust pose) 
37. Shalabhasana (Locust pose) 
38. Dhanurasana (Bow pose) 
39. Arddha Ushtrasana (Half Camel Pose) 
40. Ushtrasana (Camel pose) 
41. Naukasana (Boat pose) 
42. Shavasana (Corpose pose) 
43. Pawanamuktasana (Wind releasing pose) 
44. Paschimottanasana (The back stretching pose) 
45. Gatyatmak Paschimottanasana 
46. Janushirshasana (Head to knee pose) 
47. Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose) 
48. Matsyasana (Fish Posture) 
49. Mayurasana (Peacock Pose) 
50. Baka Asana (crane pose) 
51. Balasana (Child’s pose) 
52. Shirshasana (Head stand) 

#2 Tool for Chakra Healing – PRANAYAMA (Breathing Exercises)

Naadi (Energy Channel) 
The Koshas 
Subtle Bodies 
The Gross Body 
The Subtle Body 
The Causal Body 
Five Vayus (Airs) 
Three Aspects of Pranayama 
Essential Guidelines of Pranayama 
Types of Pranayama 

#3 Tool for Chakra Healing – BANDHAS (Muscular Locks) 

1. Moola Bandha (Root Energy Lock) 
2. Uddiyana Bandha (Abdomen Energy Lock) 
3. Jalandhar Bandha (Chin Lock) 
4. Maha Bandha (Great Lock) 

#4 Tool for Charka Healing – MUDRAS (Gestures) 

1. Nasagra / Nasikagra Mudra (nose tip position) 
2. Jnana Mudra (Psychic gesture of knowledge) 
3. Chin Mudra (Psychic gesture of consciousness) 
4. Surya Mudra 
5. Pranav Mudra 
6. Aadi Mudra (Primal or first attitude) 
7. Bhairava / Bhairavi Mudra (Fierce or Terrifying Attitude) 
8. Khechari Mudra (Tongue Lock) 
9. Ashwini Mudra (horse gesture) 

#5 Tool for Chakra Healing – SHATKARMA (6 Practices) 

#6 Tool for Chakra Healing – MEDITATION 

– Correct Sitting 
– Correct Breathing 
– Correct Meditation 

#7 Tool for Chakra Healing – MANTRA (Chanting)

– Set yourself up comfortably 
– Chant with the breath 
– Don’t worry about the thoughts that arise 
– Beeja (Seed) Mantras
– Sound of Chakras 


– Practices to heal Mooladhara Chakra 
– Practices to heal Swadhisthan Chakra 
– Practices to heal Manipura Chakra 
– Practices to heal Anahata Chakra 
– Practices to heal Vishuddhi Chakra 
– Practices to heal Ajna Chakra 
– Practices to heal Sahasrara Chakra 


– Nadis / Energy Channel 
– Breath and the three main Nadis 
– Kundalini Caduceus 
– Chakras 
– Nervous System 
– Cardiovascular/Circulatory System 
– Digestive System 
– Endocrine System 
– Respiratory System 
– Vitality & Yoga 


– Introduction to Kundalini Yoga 
– Kundalini Awakening Process 
– Shaktipat 



Course Fee

Pricing Plan

Affordable Course Fee Plans

We have 3 types of Course Fee Plans to choose. You can choose any of them that suits you best.


$ 399
  • Certified Course
  • Manual book
  • Best Training
  • Holistic Community
  • Lifetime Free Guidance


Incl. Food & accommodation
$ 999
  • Certified Course
  • Manual Book
  • Best Training
  • Holistic Community
  • Lifetime Free Guidance


$ 255
  • Certified Course
  • Manual Book
  • Best Training
  • Holistic Community
  • Lifetime Free Guidance

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