500 hour Meditation Teacher Training Course

500 hour Meditation Teacher Training Course is a complete Meditation Training Program covering all training levels. This course starts from scratch or beginners level and ends with advanced level techniques, training and practice.

So, enroll yourself in our International Certified 500 hour Meditation Teacher Training Course program.


What is 500 hour Meditation Teacher Training Course?

500 hour Meditation Teacher Training Course combines a 200-hour Meditation Teacher Training Course and a 300-hour Meditation Teacher Training Course. One can complete our 500-hour Meditation Teacher Training Course in one go or in two parts – the first 200 hours, then a later 300-hour course.

Sri Yogi Anand

Benefits of Taking a 500 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course

There are many benefits of taking a 500-hour meditation teacher training course. Whether you want to learn how to guide people through meditation practices or deepen and expand your knowledge and practice of meditation for yourself, this course can help you become an effective teacher and pro meditation practitioner. The training includes a comprehensive study of the theory, practical techniques, and hands-on experience. If you are interested in pursuing this course, choosing a program that matches your needs is important.

The Adwait Yoga School’s 500 hour Meditation Teacher Training Course combines hands-on learning with a rigorous training regimen. This course is recommended for everyone, whether you have prior knowledge or not. In this course, participants will learn meditation from basic to advanced, as this course starts from the beginning of meditation. The training program includes mentoring from senior teachers to help them develop as teachers.

The course is based on the various authentic yoga meditation textbooks of India. It includes the practices of asana, pranayama, chanting, mantras, mudras, chakras, Ayurveda, and kriyas. It also requires students to participate in live classes either online or offline. In addition to the intensive meditation training, students will receive personal interview sessions with the instructor.

During the training course, trainees will gain a broad knowledge of yoga meditation history, philosophies, anatomy, and physiology. In addition, they will learn how to teach different types of meditation. The course also includes therapeutic meditation techniques.

Our Course

Our 500 hour Meditation Teacher Training Covers


In this course, you will learn various asanas that prepare your body to meditate. Asanas are important to keep your body healthy.


Since Pranayama controls the mind, we train and teach some essential pranayama for mental focus. You will learn various types of Pranayama in this course.


Mudras cultivate energy, which helps in meditation. Some mudras tremendously help in concentration development for deep meditation.


Meditation is the main part of this course. Participants will learn all levels of meditation in this course. They will discover various types of meditation.

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening is the goal of all types of meditation. During or by the end of this course, trainees experience considerable Spiritual Awakening in themselves.

Holistic Lifestyle

A holistic Lifestyle is a vital part of this course. One needs to insert this into Lifestyle to maintain success in meditation. A holistic Lifestyle enables one to make meditation an inseparable part of life.

500 hour Meditation Teacher Training Course Curriculum

Since our 500 hour Meditation, Teacher Training Course consists of 200-hour and 300-hour Meditation Teacher Training Courses, the curriculum of this course contains the same course topics.

200 hour Meditation Teacher Training Course Curriculum

This Course covers the following topics:

1. Techniques Training and Practice (TTP)

  • Meditation Asanas
  • Sanskrit Mantra
  • Mudras (Gestures)
  • 15 Pranayama (Breathing techniques)
  • Subtle Bodies
  • Bandhas (Muscular Locks)
  • Trataka (Gazing)
  • Meditation Techniques
    1. Mindfulness
      1. Anapan Sati (Mindfulness of Breath)
      2. Body Scan
      3. RAIN
      4. Mindful Walking
      5. Mindful Eating
      6. Mindfulness of Metta
    2. Meditation as per Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    3. Upanishad or Vedantic Meditation
    4. Meditation as per Bhagavad-Gita
    5. Meditation as per Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
    6. Tantra Meditation
    7. Meditation as per Buddhism
    8. Zen Meditation
    9. Tao Meditation
    10. Tantra Meditation

2. Anatomy & Physiology (AP)

  • Anatomy
    1. Musculoskeletal System
    2. Energy Anatomy
  • Physiology
    1. Respiratory System
    2. Cardiovascular System
    3. Nervous System
    4. Endocrine System
    5. Digestion System

3. Yoga Humanities (YH)

  1. Meditation History
  2. Meditation Philosophy
  3. Study of Meditation Text Books
    1. Bhagwad Gita
    2. Vigyan Bhairav
    3. Upanishad
    4. Lankavatar Sutra
  4. Philosophy into Practice
  5. Psychology

4. Professional Essentials (PE)

  1. Teaching Methodology
    1. Environment
    2. Sequence
    3. Guided Meditation
    4. Class Management
  2. Professional Development
    1. Meditation Teacher Credentials
    2. Professional Ethical Commitments
    3. Professionalism Guidelines
    4. Public Relation (PR)
  3. Practicum

300 hour Meditation Teacher Training Course Curriculum

Topics covered in this course:

Section 1: Technique Training and Practices (TTP)

TTP 101 – Preparations for Meditation

  • Clean your bowels
  • Comfortable Cloth
  • Meditation room, a sacred space
  • Do not think about the past
  • Meditate faces forward
  • Do not attempt to do any meditation exercises when you are tired
  • Get a quiet place where you can meditate.
  • Prepare your mind
  • Cleansing your mind and body
  • Regularity

TTP 102 – Postures of Meditation

  1. Sukhasana (easy pose)
  2. Swastikasana (auspicious pose)
  3. Siddhasana (accomplished pose for men)
  4. Padmasana (lotus pose)
  5. Arddha Padmasana (half-lotus pose)
  6. Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose)
  7. Bhadrasana (gracious pose)
  8. Dhyana Veerasana (hero’s meditation pose)

TTP 103 – Pranayama / Breathing Exercises before Meditation

  • Pranayama
  • Naadi (Energy Channel)
  • Chakra (Energy Center)
  • The Koshas
  • Subtle Bodies
  • Five Vayus (Airs)
  • Three Aspects of Pranayama
  • Essential Guidelines of Pranayama
  • Types of Pranayama

TTP 104 – Concentration developing exercises

  • Trataka (Gazing)
  • Nasikagra Mudra (Nose Tip Gazing Mudra)
  • Shambhavi Mudra (The Eyebrow Center Gazing Gesture)
  • Visualization
  • Mindful Walking
  • Sitting Still in a Chair
  • Fix Gaze on Fingers
  • Fix Eyes on Outstretched Glass
  • Concentrate on Opening and Closing Fists
  • Concentration Increases the Sense of Smell
  • Concentration on the Within
  • Concentrating on Sleep
  • Practice Talking Before a Glass
  • Controlling Desires
  • When You Read
  • Watch Concentration

TTP 105 – Mantra Meditation

  • How Mantra works for mind and body?
  • What is a Meditation Mantra?
  • Why do we recite mantras 108 times?
  • How to Begin Your Mantra Meditation
  • Guru Mantra
  • Spiritual Mantra
  • Deity Mantra
  • Personal Mantras
  • Mangala Mantra

TTP 106 – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra 112 Meditation techniques

TTP 107 – Body Scan

TTP 108 – Yoga Nidra

  • Introduction
  • How Yoga Nidra works
  • How Yoga Nidra restores health?
  • Experiences in Yoga Nidra
  • Doctrine of Karma
  • Karmic experiences
  • Extrasensory experiences
  • General Suggestions
  • Need for a qualified teacher
  • Preliminary Asanas
  • Position
  • How the practice is given
  • Guidelines for ensuring a successful practice
  • Techniques and Practice
  • Short Class Transcription
  • Long Class Transcription

TTP 109 – Chakra Meditation

TTP 110 – Patanjali’s Meditation Sutra

TTP 111 – Hatha Yoga Meditation Sutra

TTP 112 – Dynamic Meditation

TTP 113 – Sankhya Meditation

TTP 114 – Vedantic Meditation

TTP 115 – Adwait Meditation

TTP 116 – Transcendental Meditation

TTP 117 – Buddha’s Meditations

  • Vipassana
  • Anapan Sati (Mindfulness of Breathing)
  • Zen Meditation
  • Mindfulness

Section 2: Philosophy Psychology Lifestyle Ethics (PPLE)

PPLE 201 – The Philosophy, Psychology & History of Meditation

  • Hinduism
    • Upanishads
    • Bhagwad Gita
  • Jainism
  • Buddhism
    • Lankavatar Sutra
    • Diamond Sutra
    • Zen
  • Sikhism
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sūtra
  • Ethics
  • Practice

PPLE 202 – Secular Applications

  • Psychotherapy
  • Clinical applications
  • Meditation in the workplace
  • Sound-based meditation

Section 3: Human Anatomy & Meditation (HAM)

HAM 301 – Respiratory System

HAM 302 – Endocrine System

HAM 303 – Nervous System

  • Neuroscience
  • Neuroplasticity

Section 4: Professional Essentials (PE)

PE 401 – Teaching Methodology

  • How to conduct Guided Meditation
  • The difference between Guiding Meditations & Teaching Meditation
  • Important Aspects of Guided Meditation
  • 7 Steps to Guide Someone through a Meditation

PE 402 – Tools & Props of Meditation

  • Types of Meditation Props

PE 403 – Professional Development

Why Choose Us

Adwait Yoga School is an Authentic Yoga Meditation School

Adwait Yoga School is accredited with Yoga Alliance USA and World Yoga Alliance follows the lineage of authentic yoga meditation tradition. Our School teaches ancient yoga meditation techniques in combination with modern scientific research and findings. This School adheres to the Vedic philosophy and practice.

Qualified Teachers

We provide our training by highly qualified and experienced teachers, led by our Master Guru Ji Sri Yogi Anand Ji.

Support Service

Even after the course is completed, we extend our lifetime free professional support in your journey ahead.

Online Service

In addition to our offline training programs, we provide online training also through Zoom.


We give access to the trainess of our courses to our International Community of Yoga Meditation practitioners and professionals.


Our Honorable Award.

Award to Adwait Foundation
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Awesome Instructors

Our Meditation Teacher Training Courses are offered by highly qualified and hugely experienced Meditation Masters.

Sri Yogi Anand

Sri Yogi Anand

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Affordable Course Fee Plans

We have 3 types of Course Fee Plans to choose. You can choose any of them that suits you best.


$ 1500
  • Certified Course
  • Manual book
  • Best Training
  • Holistic Community
  • Lifetime Free Guidance


$ 4999
  • Certified Course
  • Manual Book
  • Best Training
  • Holistic Community
  • Lifetime Free Guidance


$ 1200
  • Certified Course
  • Manual Book
  • Best Training
  • Holistic Community
  • Lifetime Free Guidance

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