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A gift of India to mankind for stress-free, vibrant, cheerful and happy life-style through Pranayama Course.

The pranayamas are the most basic form of cosmic energy. For those serious about yoga meditation, deep breathing is a crucial technique- and a good pranayamas teacher training course is a perfect way of learning how to breathe deeply. Pranayamas teacher training course or program consists of gaining a greater understanding of your breathing, knowing the mechanics of breathing properly, and then becoming adept at controlling your breath, and using it to move on to the next level of yoga.

Prana is a Sanskrit word that refers to the universal force which flows through the cosmos. Many people have the wrong notion that prana is some kind of mystic energy, when in fact the plan is very simple and everyday. All living things have prana flowing through their bodies. This prana is also associated with all the natural forces of nature, such as rain, wind, sunshine, heat, and even thought.

Prana, when not managed, can cause a lot of health issues. The most common and dangerous pranic energy can come from a poor diet, which causes prana to flow out of the body and create imbalances and illnesses. There are pranic energy blocks that can be seen in many different body parts, including the kidneys, stomach, liver, lungs, and brain. When these pranic energy blockages or imbalances are ignored, they can become too much of a burden to bear.

Yoga meditation and pranayamas are the art of balancing and redirect pranic energies away from a negative place and towards a positive area. It is a process that takes a number of practices. For starters, plans will not pass through the body if the heart is blocked. By practicing breathing techniques, you will be able to clear out these blockages and purify the energy. Once the blockages are cleared, the prana will flow into the lungs and the body.

The Prana that is released in this way is very beneficial for your body. If you were to use the same amount of prana in an ordinary way, the energy in your lungs would simply dissipate and you would end up dying in the short term. However, if you practice prana meditation, you will become adept at keeping the prana that is in your lungs, within your body.

Prana is also said to be used to create the feeling of well being. A good prana teacher training course will help you learn how to harness the prana and how to control the energy it produces for this purpose.

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