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Pranayama Teacher Training Course India

India, the birthplace of yoga, is home to some of the world’s most renowned yogic traditions. Among these is Pranayama, the art and science of breath control. If you’re seeking to delve deep into this transformative practice and wish to impart its teachings to others, a Pranayama Teacher Training India is the perfect opportunity.

Adwait Yoga School’s Pranayama Teacher Training Courses are Certified by Yoga Alliance USA and World Yoga Alliance accredited School, Adwait Yoga School.

Join this course, and take your knowledge of Pranayama to the next level.

Become certified Pranayama Teacher.

Course features:

Adwait Yoga School offers certified Pranayama Teacher Training Courses in India. This is a comprehensive training program about Pranayama. The pranayama is the most basic form of cosmic energy. For those serious about yoga meditation, deep breathing is a crucial technique – and a good pranayama teacher training course is a perfect way of learning how to breathe deeply. Pranayama teacher training course consists of gaining a greater understanding of prana, your breathing, knowing the mechanics of breathing properly, and then becoming adept at controlling your breath, and using it to move on to the next level of yoga and meditation. 

Pranayama derives from two Sanskrit words: “Prana” which means life force or vital energy and “Ayama” which means to extend or draw out. Essentially, Pranayama is the control and extension of one’s breath, paving the way for heightened physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Pranayama Teacher Training Courses you can join

India, as the birthplace of yoga, offers a diverse range of Pranayama Teacher Training Courses tailored to the unique needs of aspirants. From foundational courses to advanced studies, India provides seekers with authentic and immersive experiences. Below is a comprehensive guide to the types of Pranayama Teacher Training Courses available in India.

50-hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course

sitkari pranayama
Foundational Pranayama Teacher Training Course:
Overview: Ideal for beginners or those who want a refresher, these courses provide a basic introduction to Pranayama, its techniques, and underlying philosophies.
Content: Basics of breath control, introduction to different Pranayama techniques, alignment, anatomy of breathing, and foundational yogic philosophies.
Duration: Typically 1 Week

100-hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course

pranayama teacher training course india trainee

Beginners Pranayama Teacher Training:

  • Overview: Ideal for those who have already some prior-experiences, this course provides a beginner’s but good knowledge of Pranayama, its techniques, and underlying philosophies.
  • Content: Comprehensive knowledge of pranayama, introduction to different Pranayama techniques, alignment, anatomy of breathing, and foundational yogic philosophies.
  • Duration: Typically 2 weeks.

200-hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course

Nadi Shodhana Pranyama

Intermediate Pranayama Teacher Training:

  • Overview: A deeper dive into Pranayama suitable for those who’ve already undergone the foundational course or have some prior knowledge.
  • Content: In-depth exploration of multiple Pranayama techniques, teaching methodologies, advanced anatomy, and the integration of Pranayama with other yogic practices.
  • Duration: Usually 4 weeks or a month.

300-hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course

A women do anulom vilom

Advanced Pranayama Teacher Training:

  • Overview: Tailored for serious practitioners and teachers who want to master the art of Pranayama and deepen their knowledge.
  • Content: Mastery of various Pranayama techniques, therapeutic applications of Pranayama, integration with advanced yogic philosophies, teaching workshops, and practical training.
  • Duration: 6 weeks.

500-hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course

300 hour pranayama teacher training course

Complete Pranayama Teacher Training:

  • Overview: Ideal for those who want complete knowledge about Pranayama. This course provide beginners, intermediate and advanced knowledge, techniques and training, and underlying philosophies of Pranayama.
  • Content: All levels techniques of Pranayama, along with overview, history, philosophies, and applications for various purposes.
  • Duration: 10 weeks.

Pranayama Workshop

a Group of people do Pranayama for control the hypertension
Pranayama Workshop
  • Overview: These are short sessions aimed at specific aspects of Pranayama, ideal for those who wish to refine certain techniques or learn something new.
  • Content: Can range from mastering a specific Pranayama technique to understanding the science behind breath control.
  • Duration: One day to a week.

How It Works

Steps of The Training Course

registration of the course


The process starts with Registration Process.



Subsequently, professional training on due date.

assessment test

Assessment Test

The Assessment Test happens before the Certificate.


Certificate Ceremony

We have a holistic Certificate Ceremony at the end of the course.

Course Description

Adwait Yoga School is among the most reputable Teacher education schools in India, and beyond is uplifting and retaining high standards of the ancient discipline and its practice. The aim of our Yoga School is to prepare teachers to instruct the ancient and dynamic science of Yoga with a firm devotion to their pupils’ spiritual growth. The teacher training school offers complete, comprehensive yoga teacher training courses that begin with the basic level classes. The teacher training classes of Adwait Yoga School include Pranayama, Kriya, Jnana, Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Traditional Yoga.

A pranayama teacher training course is the first step towards becoming an accomplished yoga practitioner. Pranayama is the breathing control system that balances the mind, body and environment, which promote a feeling of peace within and without. Yoga is a holistic system of physical exercises, postures, relaxation, meditation and controlled breathing, which is believed to promote emotional balance and spiritual well being by increasing self understanding and awareness. The Yoga Nidra focuses on the union of breath and movement, which is an essential part of all Yoga Styles and helps students master their physical, mental and spiritual energy to achieve excellence.

The teaching methodology of Pranayama teacher training course is a combination of classical teachings of the traditional yogis and the modern practices and philosophies of Kundalini Yoga. The practical implementation of this ancient science of life is possible through controlled breathing exercises to relax the mind while the body is relaxed. The breathing control system of this ancient system of exercise is applied to the daily activities of life to help people develop self-control and emotional balance. The advanced levels of this yoga philosophy requires students to go through rigorous training under the tutelage of experienced teachers in order to learn the subtleties of this advanced practice of Yoga.


Following is 100 hours Pranayama Teacher Training Course curriculum

1. Understanding the basics of Pranayama
2. Health Benefits of Pranayama
3. Supporting Yoga Components
4. Anatomy and Physiology
5. Biomechanics
6. Yoga Philosophy Lifestyle Ethics
Why Choose Us

India is the birthplace of Yoga Pranayama

India, with its vast yogic heritage, offers an abundance of choices for Pranayama enthusiasts. Depending on your level of expertise, interest, and time availability, you can choose a course that resonates with your spiritual journey. By training in India, you not only learn Pranayama but also experience the rich tapestry of culture, tradition, and spirituality interwoven with this ancient practice.


We have experienced trainers led by hugely knowledgeable and experienced Pranayama Master - Sri Yogi Anand Ji.

Support Service

We are committed to provide our free lifetime professional services along the journey.

Online Service

We provide online trainings and classes also.


Our every registered member get a membership of the international community of teachers, trainers and healers.

Why to do?

Pranayama Teacher Training

Pranayama helps us maintain a healthy balance between our mind and body. This is essential for optimal health and fitness, as well as inner peace. Pranayama help us remain calm and in control while we focus on our works. Pranayama can also be incorporated in the slow, steady movements of Yoga.

Pranayama can be done in solitude but it is crucial that students learn to properly breathe and slow down when pranayama is being performed. Although breathing exercises are an important part of yoga training, most people forget to include them. Proper breathing is essential for achieving relaxation and better concentration when performing yoga postures.

Why is pranayama yoga training important?

Anyone can learn pranayama if they have an interest in the subject. This part of yoga training is open to all ages. This you can learn at our reputed Yoga School of India. Once you have mastered the basics of pranayama you can move on to deeper and more complex understanding.

What is Prana?

Prana is a Sanskrit word that refers to the universal force which flows through the cosmos. Many people have the wrong notion that prana is some kind of mystic energy, when in fact the plan is very simple and everyday. All living things have prana flowing through their bodies. This prana is also associated with all the natural forces of nature, such as rain, wind, sunshine, heat, and even thought.

Prana, when not managed, can cause a lot of health issues. The most common and dangerous pranic energy can come from a poor diet, which causes prana to flow out of the body and create imbalances and illnesses. There are pranic energy blocks that can be seen in many different body parts, including the kidneys, stomach, liver, lungs, and brain. When these pranic energy blockages or imbalances are ignored, they can become too much of a burden to bear.

Yoga meditation and pranayamas are the art of balancing and redirect pranic energies away from a negative place and towards a positive area. It is a process that takes a number of practices. For starters, plans will not pass through the body if the heart is blocked. By practicing breathing techniques, you will be able to clear out these blockages and purify the energy. Once the blockages are cleared, the prana will flow into the lungs and the body.

The Prana that is released in this way is very beneficial for your body. If you were to use the same amount of prana in an ordinary way, the energy in your lungs would simply dissipate and you would end up dying in the short term. However, if you practice prana meditation, you will become adept at keeping the prana that is in your lungs, within your body.

Prana is also said to be used to create the feeling of well being. A good prana teacher training course will help you learn how to harness the prana and how to control the energy it produces for this purpose.

Bhramari Pranayama
300 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course
Pranayama Teacher Training Courses

What Our Students Say

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Fees for Pranayama Teacher Training Courses

50-hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course

$ 299 Duration: 1 Week
  • Manual Book
  • Professional Training
  • International Certification
  • Adwait Community Membership
  • Unlimited Assistance
  • Foods & Accommodation

100-hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course

$ 455 Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Manual Book
  • Professional Training
  • International Certification
  • Adwait Community Membership
  • Unlimited Assistance
  • Foods & Accommodation

200-hour Teacher Training Course

$ 699 Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Manual Book
  • Professional Training
  • International Certification
  • Adwait Community Membership
  • Unlimited Assistance
  • Foods & Accommodation

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