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Ayurveda Training Course 3

Ayurveda Training Course 3 is an Advanced Ayurveda Training Course in India. Advanced level Ayurveda training courses are designed for individuals who have already completed foundational and intermediate level training in Ayurveda. The Ayurveda Training Course 2 Level aims to further deepen your understanding and expertise in Ayurvedic principles, diagnosis, treatments, and therapies.

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Ayurveda Training Couse India

If you’re already a health care professional (like a doctor, nurse, yoga teacher or massage therapist), this advanced Ayurveda training course will provide you with more in-depth theoretical knowledge and help you further develop your clinical skills. Likewise, if you’re interested in learning more about Ayurvedic nutrition and herbal therapeutics this is the course for you.

The Level 3 Ayurvedic Practitioner Training program offers a complete clinical education and prepares you for the next step in your career as an Ayurvedic health counselor. This two-year program teaches you the Ayurvedic tools necessary to support healing imbalances of the human mind-body system and prevent future disease. These tools include a comprehensive nutritional education (Ahara), daily routines to optimize health (Vihar), a clear understanding of the body and mind and their relationship to well-being (Dinacarya) as well as Ayurvedic herbal therapeutics (Rasayana).

The Level 3 training program also includes an in-depth survey of Kaya Chikitsa – the Ayurvedic science of general internal medicine. You will be fully prepared to identify the balanced and unbalanced states of a client’s doshas, agni (digestive fire/transformative energy), dhatus and malas with the assessment tools of pulse and tongue diagnosis.

The specific content and curriculum of advanced level courses may vary among institutions and training centers, but here are some common topics that you might expect to encounter:

  1. Advanced Ayurvedic Theory: Deepen your understanding of Ayurvedic philosophy, including concepts like the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), the five elements (Panchamahabhutas), the concept of Agni (digestive fire), and the seven tissues (Dhatus). Explore these concepts in greater detail and their applications in clinical practice.

  2. Advanced Ayurvedic Diagnosis and Assessment: Refine your skills in Ayurvedic diagnosis methods such as pulse diagnosis (Nadi Pariksha), tongue examination (Jihva Pariksha), and facial analysis (Mukha Pariksha). Learn to identify subtle imbalances and assess the overall health of an individual through these diagnostic techniques.

  3. Advanced Ayurvedic Treatments and Therapies: Expand your knowledge and expertise in Ayurvedic therapies and treatments. Explore specialized therapeutic procedures like Panchakarma (detoxification and rejuvenation), Nasya (nasal administration), Shirodhara (continuous pouring of herbal oil on the forehead), and other rejuvenation therapies. Gain hands-on experience in performing these therapies under the guidance of experienced practitioners.

  4. Ayurvedic Pharmacology and Herbal Formulations: Deepen your understanding of Ayurvedic herbs and formulations. Study the properties, actions, and therapeutic uses of a wide range of herbs and their combinations. Explore the preparation and processing techniques for herbal formulations and gain knowledge about the appropriate dosages and indications for specific conditions.

  5. Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition: Enhance your knowledge of Ayurvedic nutrition principles and dietary guidelines. Learn how to customize diet plans based on individual constitutions (Prakriti) and imbalances (Vikriti). Explore advanced topics like Ayurvedic herb-infused diets, fasting practices, and dietary management for specific health conditions.

  6. Ayurvedic Management of Chronic Conditions: Dive deeper into the Ayurvedic approach to managing chronic health conditions such as autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, musculoskeletal issues, mental health disorders, and more. Understand the underlying imbalances and develop treatment protocols specific to these conditions.

  7. Ayurvedic Research and Integrative Medicine: Explore research methodologies in Ayurveda and learn how to critically evaluate scientific studies and research papers. Gain insights into integrating Ayurvedic principles and practices with modern medicine in an evidence-based manner.

  8. Panchakarma and Detoxification Therapies: Explore advanced techniques and protocols for Panchakarma, the Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation program. Learn about specialized therapies like Virechana (therapeutic purgation), Vamana (therapeutic emesis), Basti (medicated enema), and Nasya (nasal administration) and their applications in different conditions.

  9. Rasayana and Rejuvenation Therapies: Delve into the concept of Rasayana, which focuses on rejuvenation, longevity, and enhancing vitality. Learn about specialized Ayurvedic therapies and formulations that promote rejuvenation and restoration of optimal health.

  10. Ayurvedic Management of Specific Health Conditions: Explore in-depth the Ayurvedic approach to managing specific health conditions such as digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal issues, hormonal imbalances, and mental health disorders.

  11. Ayurvedic Herbology and Formulation Preparation: Deepen your knowledge of Ayurvedic herbs, their therapeutic properties, and their synergistic combinations. Learn advanced techniques for preparing Ayurvedic formulations such as herbal oils, decoctions, and powders.

  12. Ayurvedic Marma Therapy: Study the concept of Marma points, which are vital energy points in the body, and learn how to stimulate and balance them for therapeutic purposes. Explore the applications of Marma therapy in healing, pain management, and overall well-being.

  13. Ayurvedic Counseling and Lifestyle Management: Develop advanced counseling skills to guide individuals on lifestyle modifications, stress management techniques, and dietary recommendations based on their unique constitutional types and imbalances.

  14. Advanced Clinical Training: Engage in advanced clinical training under the supervision of experienced Ayurvedic practitioners. Work with real-life case studies, develop treatment plans, monitor progress, and refine your clinical skills in providing personalized Ayurvedic care.

It’s important to note that advanced-level Ayurveda training requires a solid foundation in Ayurvedic principles, concepts, and practices. Therefore, before joining our Ayurveda Training Course 3 Level, we ensure that you have completed prerequisite training or have equivalent knowledge and experience. Adwait Yoga School is a reputable institution and training center that offers comprehensive and authentic advanced-level Ayurveda training to enhance your skills and expertise in this ancient healing system.

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