Sound Healing Course Level 2

The Sound Healing Course Level 2 is the Intermediate Level of Sound Healing Therapy. This course is designed for those who have already completed the Sound Healing Course Level 1  at Adwait Yoga School or equivalent to our Course Curriculum of Level 1. It includes a variety of techniques and modules of intermediate level. Students will learn to work with various elements, including the chakras and frequencies.

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Course Details

Sound Healing is a therapeutic modality that helps balance emotions, bringing harmony to the soul. It can also help to release emotionally triggering thoughts and feelings, which contribute to physical distress.

There are many different sound healing modalities to choose from. Using sound as a healing modality can benefit individuals in all stages of life. Whether you are a practitioner who wishes to assist your clients in their challenges or a student of the practice, you can learn the tools necessary to start and sustain your practice.

During this course, you will explore the relationship between sound and emotions, thought forms, and other dimensions of consciousness. You will learn how to use your voice to facilitate healing and to create a bridge between you and other people's fields.

You will also learn how to utilize sound as a form of personal development and creative expression. The course is designed to be flexible and accommodating to your schedule and level of expertise.


This Course is certified by International Accredited Adwait Yoga School.

Level two is designed for practitioners who have already completed Level 1. It is a comprehensive program that teaches you to utilize a range of sound healing instruments for your practice and to teach others. Participants will learn how to use a range of sound instruments, a sound bath, and acoustic sounds for healing. They will also explore the relationship between the human body and its vibrational response to sound.

During this training, you will develop a personal connection to your intuition. As you participate in partner exercises, you will develop insight into the sound practices that you will be using. Depending on your training level, you can practice one-to-one or with a group. One-to-one sessions can help harmonize energy levels, cleanse and heal chakras, and energize trance-like states. During a group session, you can guide clients through life transitions.

You will also learn to work with various modalities, including meditation, good yoga, acoustic sounds, and ceremonies. You will receive your foundation certificate in sound healing upon completing the course.

Sound Healing Enhances
Your Life

Sound healing is a practice that uses sound vibrations to relax your body and restore balance. It’s also believed to be effective in relieving stress, depression and pain. This method of healing has been used for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks used music to treat mental disorders.


Course Features of Sound Healing Course Level 2

Integral Sound Healing

Integral Sound Healing is a non-invasive method of treating various ailments and challenges. It is a blending of ancient wisdom and modern scientific research.

Music Medicine

Sound healing is a form of alternative medicine that is growing in popularity. The therapy works through vibrational tactile effects that affect the whole body.

Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being

Sound healing is an ancient technique that uses sound vibrations to heal the body. It is used by people worldwide to enhance their spiritual and emotional well-being.

Sound Healing Course Level 2 - Curriculum

Week 1: Advanced Theories and Concepts

  • Session 1: Review of Basic Sound Healing Principles
  • Session 2: Introduction to the Science of Sound – Cymatics and Resonance
  • Session 3: Sound, Consciousness, and Meditation
  • Session 4: Understanding Sound Healing and the Human Energy Field

Week 2: Deepening Instrument Knowledge

  • Session 1: Advanced Techniques for Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Session 2: Exploring the Healing Properties of Crystal Bowls
  • Session 3: Mastery of Tuning Forks for Meridian Points
  • Session 4: Drumming for Healing – Rhythms and Patterns

Week 3: Practical Applications and Techniques

  • Session 1: Voice Work – Overtone Chanting and Mantra Practice
  • Session 2: Sound Healing Protocols for Stress and Anxiety
  • Session 3: Developing Intuitive Listening and Sound Prescription Skills
  • Session 4: Conducting a Sound Healing Session – Case Studies and Role Play

Week 4: Professional Practice and Personal Growth

  • Session 1: Ethical Considerations in Sound Healing
  • Session 2: Setting Up Your Sound Healing Space
  • Session 3: Building a Client Base – Marketing and Business Skills
  • Session 4: Creating Personalized Sound Healing Sessions and Treatment Plans


  • Continuous in-class practical assessments.
  • A final practical exam conducting a full sound healing session.
  • Submission of a reflective practice journal.


Upon successful completion, students will receive an Intermediate Sound Healing Practitioner certificate from Adwaity Yoga.


Completion of Level 1 Sound Healing Training or equivalent experience.

Required Materials:

Students will need to bring their own instruments or may rent/purchase them through the course.

Post-Course Support:

  • Monthly online practice sessions with instructors.
  • Access to the Adwaity Yoga Sound Healing community for ongoing support and learning.


Course Fee of Sound Healing Course Level 2

Pricing Plan

Affordable Course Fee Plans

We have 3 types of Course Fee Plans to choose. You can choose any of them that suits you best.


$ 699
  • Certified Course
  • Manual book
  • Best Training
  • Holistic Community
  • Lifetime Free Guidance


Incl. Food & accommodation
$ 1800
  • Certified Course
  • Manual Book
  • Best Training
  • Holistic Community
  • Lifetime Free Guidance


$ 599
  • Certified Course
  • Manual Book
  • Best Training
  • Holistic Community
  • Lifetime Free Guidance

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