Adwait Yoga School offers Certified Mindfulness Teacher Training India program. This mindfulness teacher training course in India consists of 3 Levels. Whether you want to become Mindfulness Teacher or learn more about mindfulness meditation, every level of mindfulness teacher training course is a perfect choice for you. Every level of this course will train you in the different tools and techniques of mindfulness meditation and help you achieve the same level of mindfulness. You will also learn to develop meaningful friendships and improve your communication skills by speaking from your heart. In addition, the training will help you build your understanding of others and the importance of love and compassion. 

If you are looking for Professional Mindfulness Teacher Training in India, you are at the best place. Adwait Yoga School is India’s best Mindfulness Training Institute, having its head center in New Delhi, India.

Mindfulness Teacher Training India is an education program that helps you develop the skills and knowledge needed to help others with their mind-body issues. This program is offered offline at our School center, as well as online.

This course has three levels according to its depth, details, and duration. Level 1 is the foundation of Mindfulness Teacher Training India. Level 1 contains lots of tools and techniques of Mindfulness. After completing even the first level you gain so much knowledge and experiences of Mindfulness Meditation. Therefore, you would be eligible to teach mindfulness even after the successful completion of Level 1 also. To become a Master in Mindfulness, one has to complete all levels of training in Mindfulness.

Mindfulness Teacher Training India
Course Levels

Followings are the Levels of Mindfulness Teacher Training Courses

Mindfulness Training Course Level 1

Beginners Course

Level 1

The first part of the Mindfulness Training Course India is a Beginner level course, called Level 1, which requires you to complete this level. Students who complete the program and pass the written exam earn Mindfulness Training Certification for Level 1.

Mindfulness Training Course India Level 2

Intermediate Course

Level 2

The second part of the Mindfulness Training Course India is an Intermediate level course, called Level 2, that requires you to complete this Level. After completing this Level and passing the written exam, the trainee earns the Certificate for Level 2.

Mindfulness Training Course India Level 3

Advanced Course

Level 3

The third part of the Mindfulness Training Course India is an Advanced Mindfulness Course, called Level 3. The trainee needs to complete this course, pass the written exam, and earn the Certificate for this Final Level 3.

About the Course

After completing the course Level 1, you would have in-depth knowledge about Mindfulness, and also, you would be eligible to teach Mindfulness to the beginners level mindfulness practitioners.

When you complete all the Levels up to 3, you become a Master Practitioner and Master Teacher of Mindfulness.

Course Information

Features & Benefits

The features of our Mindfulness Courses, would add powers to your training.


Best Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on traditional mindfulness textbooks and current scientific findings in the field of psychology.

Take control

Lifetime Guidance

Even after completing your course, our Institute would provide you with lifetime guidance in your personal and professional journey.


Expert Instructions

To develop in Mindfulness practice, you need expert instructions. Our expert instructors would provide you with proper training.

Mindful Living


By joining our Institute -Adwait Yoga School, you would join the Mindful practitioners, teachers, and masters community.

Why to become a Mindfulness Teacher?

One of the questions we get asked most often when helping people understand the power of their minds is “Why to become a mindfulness teacher?” What struck us as we were thinking about this was that there are so many ways and reasons to teach mindfulness. Mindfulness is a powerful practice that has many benefits, but for someone who wants to deepen their understanding of themselves and life in general, being a teacher is an ideal way to do it. 

So, why become a mindfulness teacher?

The answer to this question starts with the basic understanding that our state of mind determines everything that happens in our physical world. The mind is responsible for driving all of our feelings, ideas, and actions. So if we are mindful of our thoughts, feelings, ideas, and activities, then we are in a way creating a balance in our lives, a balance that makes us more alive and aware. By being mindful of what goes on around us and within us, we become mindful of the things that bring us joy and happiness or those that stress and irritate us. We learn to welcome both positive and negative energies and work with them constructively so that they do not control or hinder us in any way.

How to become a Mindfulness Teacher?

Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits of becoming a teacher, you may decide to join our course and be a certified mindfulness teacher. You can become a qualified mindfulness teacher by attending a mindfulness course or learning mindfulness meditation techniques at Adwait Yoga School, India’s Best Mindfulness Training Institute. 

Once you master these techniques, you will begin to see the enormous change within your life each day. As you practice Mindfulness Meditation, you will quickly notice a shift in how you approach life, which may even surprise you. In the words of the popular comedy routine “Seinfeld,” a character said, “This is your mind talking!” You can find out more about how you can use your new knowledge to enhance your life today.

Aspects of Mindfulness Training Course

Followings are the intrinsic components of our Mindfulness Teacher Training Course offered by us.


We employ mindfulness to develop calmness, clarity and insight. The course shows ways to offer mindfulness for the needs of others.


Empathy allows for a deep connection with all forms of life. We apply practices of the heart to explore ways to relate to people, animals and the environment.


Mindfulness touches every aspect of daily life. We provide a range of tools to apply mindfulness in contact with breath, body, emotions, mental states and the senses.


Our words have power. We will explore practices of speaking and listening with care and attention. We learn how to explore skilful responses and address serious issues.


We learn to facilitate meetings and give guidance to a group in challenging situations. Participants will have the opportunity to give short talks and answer questions. We will develop ways to respond skillfully to the authority and the management of others.


We have designed our course to benefit those who wish to apply the practices and skills of mindfulness to a wide variety of situations. We extend our professional supports to practitioners and professionals.

Eligibility for this Course?

Candidates who complete the oral or written examination will be eligible for their certification. The Certificate will serve as a permanent indication of your training. It will also allow you to teach in accredited schools and colleges. Candidates who choose to complete both the written and clinical portions of the training program earn additional certification.

Those interested in completing the training course must be at least 18 years old. This requirement is in place to ensure that we conduct the program in a safe environment acceptable for all. Only a certified instructor can be permitted to complete this course.

If you have previously completed online training courses, you may transfer your credits from the online training to this certification. If you do not meet the course within the time limit, we will drop you from the program. You can begin the training at any time after your enrollment is complete.

To be successful in this training course, you must follow the instructions and be open to feedback from your instructor. You should identify areas of improvement regularly and share your findings with other students.

Once certified, you will be able to offer the same level of support for the certification and to participate in similar courses in the future. The Certificate will also be helpful when looking for employment in the future. You should also find work in the health care, education, corporate sector, or legal fields.

Candidates are responsible for completing the training course. They will receive the course materials from our Institute. We would review the contents and then allow participation in the classroom sessions. They will have to pass a final written exam.

To complete the certification, you have to attend at least 90% of the classes and, subsequently, pass the written exam successfully. 

The written portion of the exam requires students to answer questions based on the material presented in the training module. The exam is scored on a numerical scale and is divided into sub-components based on content. Each sub-area must have a certain number of points.

A student must earn at least 40% marks to obtain the Certificate.

Mindfulness Course's Core Curriculum

As a best Mindfulness Training Institute, we train you to gain some valuable skills in understanding yourself, others, and the entire universe. A Curriculum of Mindfulness training can help you develop the qualities of awareness, mental focus, wakefulness, patience, compassion, and determination in your everyday life. 

Here are just some of the benefits you can get from this course:

  • You will learn how to live a healthier life through healthy eating habits.
  • You will learn how to manage your stress level. 
  • Meditation and relaxation become easy. 
  • You also learn how to focus on the moment instead of worrying about the past or future.
  • The course also teaches how to practice meditation.
  • This course will provide you with insight and an understanding of how the universe works. 
  • This course will help you understand the true nature of reality.
  • Self-awareness is essential. You will also learn how to cultivate self-compassion and self-awareness.
  • Through this course, you will acquire wisdom and compassion for the whole person. You will also understand how love impacts other people’s lives.
  • Mindfulness encourages being present in each moment, means paying attention to the entire experience without judging it. 
  • You learn to inhale and exhale properly and deeply. 
  • It can help you become more disciplined, balanced, and more alert. 
  • Mindfulness can change the way you think. When you are engaged in a training course, you will learn how to be patient and calm. 
  • Mindfulness will help you become more receptive to your environment. 
  • It will give you the ability to be objective and clear in your thoughts. 
  • Mindfulness also involves being aware of how your body feels. 
  • Through mindfulness, you can be able to check your energy levels. 
  • Being mindful of your surroundings will also be part of the curriculum of the mindfulness training course. During the training course, you will be taught how to be alert to any potential dangers or risks around you. With this awareness, you will act accordingly and avoid anything that may cause you harm.
  • Becoming mindful of yourself and the entire world around you will also be part of this curriculum. 
  • Mindfulness encourages you to look at the big picture and to live for the moment. This will make you able to appreciate all that you have while you are still here. 
  • You will have an open mind, which will lead you to new insights and ideas.

Mindfulness Course Curriculum

Course Fee


Beginners Level
Duration: 1 Month

₹ 30,000


Intermediate Level
Duration: 1 Month

₹ 30,000


Advanced Level
Duration: 1 Month

₹ 30,000

Fee Terms & Conditions:

  • Tuition fee
  • Mandatory text.
  • Food, Accommodation, and Boarding (can be arranged at extra cost)
  • Transfers (can be arranged on request at extra cost)
  • Other personal requirements
  • Anything not specifically mentioned in Inclusions

Those who need food and accommodation are provided with the same at actual cost.

  • It is suggested that all students carefully consider the time and resources required before applying for the teacher training course at Adwait Yoga School.
  • The advance deposit for this training program is non-refundable.
  • In case of any emergencies, if a student can’t attend the course, Adwait Yoga School can permit them to join other scheduled courses within 12 months.
  • No Refunds, Credits or Transfers are done on cancellation, during or after the course starts.

Get registered

When you are ready to register for this Course, please fill-up the registration form and submit the same to us. To complete the registration process, you would need to pay 30% of the total fee amount, considered a part of the total fee amount.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us to assist you with your registration process further.

The registration fee is a non-refundable deposit, and the student would pay the remaining balance one day before the Course starts. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Adwait Yoga School reserves the right to accept or reject an application.

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In addition to Mindfulness Teacher Training Courses, we also offer regular Online and Offline Mindfulness Meditation Classes. 


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