100 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course in India

100-hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course is a certified pranayama training program for them who want to deepen and expand their knowledge about Pranayama, and also want to become certified pranayama teacher.

100-hour Pranayama teacher training course in India is designed specially for all those individuals who wish to focus more on the meditative and breathing aspect of yoga as practiced by masters in the ancient times. This training will help them to enhance their knowledge and skills as a practitioner of this ancient art. The training is given under the supervision of an experienced teacher who has years of experience in teaching this method of yoga. This course is basically divided into five main sessions which cover subjects like Pranayama, Japa, Asana, and Vinyasa. These sessions are designed in such a way that each subject is made equal to the next and lastly the student has to practice a hundred-hour teacher training in Rishikesh under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

The most important subject covered in this teacher training course in India is Prana and Pranayama. The importance of Pranayama is emphasized as it helps in controlling the mind and keeping the entire focus in a positive direction. The process of practicing various Pranayama also helps in relaxing the mind and helps in getting concentration. Asana is another very important subject of this training, as it mainly deals with the method of physical exercises which help in controlling the breathing process. Vinyasa is another very important subject that is dealt with in this teacher training course in New Delhi India.

This teacher-training course in India also deals with subjects like Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. These two forms of yoga are very popular among the masses. Asana is basically the physical exercise whereas Hatha yoga deals with the mental aspects of the training. Both these forms of yoga are highly advanced and can be practiced by anyone provided that they have a sufficient amount of discipline. Breathing techniques and mantras play an important role in both of these forms of yoga. The mantras chanted by these practitioner help in focusing the mind.

100-hour pranayama teacher training course india
Pranayama Benefits

Pranayama or Prana Yoga Can Help You

There have actually been over 1000 scientific and medical research and studies that have looked at the various health benefits of pranayama. While certain pranayama practices do have specific benefits, it’s important to keep in mind the overall benefits of pranayama, which include: strengthening the immune system, better digestion, reduced stress, and an overall sense of mental and physical well-being. Pranayamas also help regulate various bodily functions such as cardiovascular rate and breathing and helps to improve circulation. Overall this can help you to:

Ease & Reduce Pain

Pranayama based yoga asanas ease and alleviate the pain in body.

Improve Flexibility

Yoga asanas practices help improve body flexibility.

Reduce Strees And Anxiety

Some special pranayamas tremendously reduce the stress and anxiety.

200 hour
Tones the muscles

Pranayama based yoga asanas tone the body muscles.

Sleep Better

Pranayama has positive effects in our sleep pattern, which promotes healing process.

And So much More

List of benefits of pranayama goes on.....

Our Gallery

Some Pranayama Training Moments of Adwait Yoga School

Followings are the some of the pictures which were clicked during the pranayama teacher training course at our School. 

Pranayama Teacher Training Class Format

Our Pranayama Teacher Training Course classes consist of the followings.

yoga utsav adwait yoga school

Mantra Chanting

Mantra Chanting is a preliminary part of pranayama ttc classes. We begin our training with mantra chanting.

Yoga Asanas

Some basic Yoga Asana practices help improve blood circulation in body, which nourishes the tissues and muscles of the body. 

bandha in pranayama teacher training course

Bandha (muscular lock)

Bandhas help activate prana tattva located at certain chakras. We teach 3 bandhas in this course.

100 hour pranayama teacher training course india


Pranayama is the main practice of this course. We teach various types of pranayamas in details.

Mudra (Gestures)

We teach and train various types of Mudra in this course, which cultivate prana energy in the body. 

Kriya (movements with breath)

Gatyatmaka asanas (dynamic movements) help channelize the prana in body. These movements also activate the chakras.

Course Curriculum

1. Understanding the basics of Pranayama
2. Health Benefits of Pranayama
3. Supporting Yoga Components
4. Anatomy and Physiology
5. Biomechanics
6. Yoga Philosophy Lifestyle Ethics
7. Professional Essentials

Course Fee

For 100 hour Pranayama Teacher Training Course



/ 2 Weeks



/ 2 Weeks

Fee Inclusions:

The Fee includes the Tuition fee and mandatory text.

Fee Exclusions:

  • Food, Accommodation, and Boarding (can be arranged at extra cost)
  • Transfers (can be placed on request at additional cost)
  • Other personal requirements
  • Anything not explicitly mentioned in Inclusions

Accommodation & Food

Those who need food and accommodation are provided with the same at actual cost.

Refund Policy

  • It is suggested that all students carefully consider the time and resources required for the course before applying for the teacher training course at Adwait Yoga School.
  • The advance deposit submitted for YTTC programs or any retreats and workshops is non-refundable.
  • In case of any emergencies, if a student can’t attend the course, Adwait Yoga School can permit them to join other scheduled classes within 12 months.
  • No Refunds, Credits or Transfers are done on cancellation, during or after the course starts.
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