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The Navaratri festival of India is a joyous occasion to honor Goddess Durga, also known as the Goddess of Wealth and Good Luck. The festival celebrates her glorious presence amidst the festivities. It is one of the main reasons for Hindus coming together to celebrate this festival and the other important Hindu festivals that surround it.

The festival is mostly celebrated in India, but also in different parts of the world. The most famous and flamboyant Navaratri festivals are in the state of Gujarat, across the border in Pakistan and in Mumbai, across the Indian border. In West Bengal and some other Indian states, Navaratri is also celebrated as Durga Puj. It is believed that the goddess Durga is a great patron deity to all the women.

The festival involves many different rituals and activities, which are meant to make the people happy and fortunate. This festival is considered to be an important part of the harvest season.

It is believed that the goddess Durga and her warriors took their places in the Heavens after they defeated the demon lord Rakshabandhan and returned from the battlefield. Hence, during this festival, it is believed that Goddess Durga took her place in the heaven.

Navaratri festival marks the start of the harvest season and most people celebrate it with the family and friends, which can include young girls, married women and elders. There are different customs, which vary from region to region.

As per various customs, Navaratri can be celebrated in different ways depending upon the region or state. The most common one is by making arrangements to have the bride come down from the hill on the auspicious day of Navaratri. On this auspicious day, a horse procession is made. The procession consists of at least four horses, each carrying the symbolical gifts that the groom has given to his bridegroom wife. These gifts include a new bed, new clothes and various other stuff.

The wedding party is also decorated by a priest and the bride is decorated in a similar way. Navaratri brides, which have the best hair and the finest clothes and who can dance and sing the best songs are given lots of gifts to celebrate their marriage. These gifts are then distributed among all the members of the wedding party, which symbolize their importance.

Some other customs include throwing the ‘mudra’ or the ‘mala’ during Navaratri, which means a mudra of the feet. A mudra is a ritualistic way of asking the Goddess Durga to protect the family from any evil that might happen to them. A mudra is believed to help to protect the family from the evil eye of the god of death, Vishnu. The mudra is believed to help in purifying the mind and helps in improving memory.

A mudra is believed to help to protect the family from the evil eye of the god of death, Vishnu.

The Navaratri sweets are also used to celebrate the Navaratri festival. The Navaratri sweets are believed to bring good luck to the family. It is believed that these sweets can provide an immense amount of protection and also improve the memory.

One of the most popular traditions of Navaratri is the Navaratri game. The Navaratri game involves different groups of people who are fighting with each other.

The winner is decided as the winner of the game through the prayers. The winners will get gifts for which they can offer prayers to Goddess Durga.

During Navaratri, different festivals are celebrated and food is prepared according to different parts of the country. There are many traditional celebrations, which are celebrated by all communities and families, so that the family can enjoy the festival with the full meaning.


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