How Do You Know If a Chakra is Blocked?

When it comes to chakras, there are a lot of different ways to tell whether a chakra is blocked or not. The first thing you need to do is identify the various chakras. For example, there are the Throat Chakra, the Crown Chakra, and the Root Chakra.

Symptoms (If a chakra is blocked)

Blockages in chakras can affect the physical and emotional aspects of your life. If you think you have a blockage, there are a few symptoms to watch for.

Chakras are energy channels that run throughout your body. Each chakra has a specific function. For example, the root chakra is associated with fear of sex, and the crown chakra is related to the element of thought.

When a chakra is blocked, it prevents energy from flowing through the channel. In the case of a blocked crown chakra, you may feel out of balance and unstable in your body. Unbalanced chakras can also affect your senses and digestion. They can cause problems in your lower back, heart, and mind. You may experience headaches and brain fog.

A blocked throat chakra can result in difficulties communicating and expressing emotions. It can also lead to throat pain and soreness. A blocked sacral chakra can lead to issues with intimacy, money, and relationships. It can also lead to feelings of insecurity, guilt, and sexual oppression.

The Soma chakra is the seventh chakra and resides above the third eye. It is said that the energy of the Soma chakra governs the whole body. People blocked in this area are likely to be isolated, numb, and unmotivated.

Blocked second and third chakras can lead to digestive, urinary, and respiratory problems. These blockages can also affect your immune system.

Root chakra (If a chakra is blocked)

Chakras are swirling pools of energy in the body and govern different aspects of the human being. By identifying chakras, you can better understand your energy and start working on unblocking it.

The Root Chakra, also known as the Base Chakra, is located at the base of the spine. It is a center of survival and self-assurance. Getting it open can improve your overall well-being. Blocking this chakra can leave you feeling disoriented, overwhelmed, and insecure. You may also be plagued by chronic body pain.

An imbalance of this chakra can leave you lacking self-esteem and unable to trust yourself or others. Eating disorders, panic attacks, and anxiety can be symptoms of the problem. Another sign of a blocked root chakra is a narcissistic personality. People who suffer from narcissistic abuse have this type of chakra block.

If you have an insatiable hunger for material goods, you will likely have an overactive root chakra. It is often an attempt to fill in the gaps of your insecurities by hoarding things. Practicing yoga can help you open the Root Chakra. Yoga poses are designed to engage the muscles in your perineum and legs. In addition, you can practice meditation.

One of the most effective ways to unblock this chakra is through crystals. Crystals have been used for centuries for healing purposes. When worn or held, each stone’s vibrational frequency is unique.

Throat chakra (If a chakra is blocked)

If you have a sore throat or are talking too much, you may have a blocked throat chakra. Your throat chakra governs your ability to communicate your thoughts and feelings. It is an important energy center and can affect your life in many ways.

You can unblock your throat chakra in a variety of ways. You can achieve it through specific techniques or the use of crystals. However, it would help if you also worked on your self-care habits.

The throat chakra is also associated with communication and speaking from the heart. Therefore, learning how to unblock this chakra is a good idea. Unblocking your throat chakra can improve your sense of hearing and help you understand the needs of others. It can also improve your wisdom and clarity.

Using a stone or crystal can be an excellent way to stimulate the flow of energy in your throat chakra. Lapis lazuli, amazonite, and turquoise are all good options. Each of these crystals has its unique vibration.

One of the best ways to activate your throat chakra is through yoga classes. A yoga class can align all the chakras at once and create a clear channel for prana flow.

Another option is to meditate and practice healing exercises. A block in your throat chakra can have adverse emotional and physical effects on your health. Physical symptoms include a sore throat, neck and shoulder stiffness, headaches, and thyroid issues.

Sacral chakra

Chakras are swirling pools of energy within our body. They govern different aspects of our lives. When they become blocked, the flow of energy can affect our bodies and minds.

One way to know if a chakra is blocked is to pay attention to its physical symptoms. The first sign may be physical discomfort or unexplained anxiety. A blockage may also affect our emotional state, career performance and interpersonal relationships.

A blocked root chakra can cause chronic health problems. This includes issues with your uterus, your prostate and your digestive system. An overactive sacral chakra can also result in an emotional high. It may be associated with sexual dysfunction or an overabundance of creative endeavors.

Several cultures consider chakra work to be beneficial. Although it is not scientifically proven, several people have reported benefits. Getting to the root of the matter involves observing your actions, the energies you are attracting, and what you are experiencing. 

Once you have determined which chakra is out of balance, you can begin to heal it. Several techniques are available for re-balancing your chakras. These include meditation, yoga, affirmations and self-reflection. Practicing these techniques regularly can help to re-balance your chakras.

Another option is to use crystals. These have been used for centuries to provide healing. You can use them to stimulate your sacral chakra and re-balance your mind, body and spirit.

Whether you choose to go the alternative route or opt for the conventional, a blockage can often be cleared easily. While a chakra may be a natural part of our bodies, it is important to keep it in good shape.

Navel chakra

Blocked chakras can be a cause of a lot of distress. They can cause physical symptoms, emotional stress, and other health problems. Identifying which chakra is blocked can help you to overcome the problem.

The chakras are energy centers that regulate several aspects of your body and life. They are grouped into seven primary chakras. Each one is associated with a specific area of your body.

For example, the root chakra relates to your roots and the earth. If a chakra is blocked, you may experience anxiety, fear, and insomnia. In addition, you may have issues with your uterus, womb, or prostate. You may also have problems with employment, codependency, or people-pleasing.

The sacral chakra relates to your emotions, sexuality, and creativity. It can be blocked by guilt or shame. Other reasons for the block include addictions or unhealthy isolation.

If you’re experiencing a lot of pain in your body, you might have a blocked sacral chakra. To unblock this chakra, you can use crystals. Crystals are believed to help you open to the divine and connect to yourself.

When a chakra is blocked, the energy channel is closed off. It can lead to resentment and self-loathing. You can also feel a lack of flow and comfort in that area of your life. You might have difficulty breathing and talking. Some symptoms of a blocked throat chakra include a low voice, a catch in your throat, and a lump in your throat.

Crown chakra

Opening your crown chakra can lead to a whole new way of living. The chakra is a powerful symbol of self-awareness. It’s a gateway to the divine and can be unlocked by self-discipline.

To open your crown chakra, follow some basic yogic practices. First, you need to create space for meditation. You’ll want to find a comfortable spot on a quiet bench or a rug and cover your head with a scarf. It helps balance your chakra energy.

As you practice meditation, you will find that your crown chakra is getting stronger. In addition, you will notice that you have more clarity of mind. If unsure where to start, you can work with a Reiki practitioner to help clear blockages.

Meditation is a powerful way to clear your mind and connect with your true self. When you do this, you’ll be able to see your true path instead of the path that others tell you to take.

The other most important thing to remember is that good meditation requires patience. You can practice a few meditation tricks to help you stay focused on the task, such as visualizing white light.

Another way to stimulate your crown is to chant AUM. Chanting the mantra above helps you to activate all your chakras, so this is a logical step to follow.


Chakras are a system of energy points that correspond to different body parts. They are believed to be the conduits of vibrant energy. A blocked chakra can cause physical, mental, and emotional problems.

These chakras are many ways to unblock a chakra. One of the main things you should consider when it comes to the chakras is your self-image.

If your chakras are out of balance, you might experience symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and physical pain. You may also have a hard time reaching higher levels of consciousness. In addition, you might feel like you lack direction in your life.


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