Meditation Teacher Training

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Become a certified Meditation Teacher by joining the Meditation Teacher Training Course offered by Adwait Yoga School. We offer online meditation teacher training course also at our studio as offline meditation teacher training course.


If you are considering taking up the training of a Yoga teacher, then you should look into taking up a meditation teacher training course. It is an internationally recognised training with both a dual certificate course for those wishing to be a full-time Yoga and meditation teacher and an elective course for those wishing to teach part time or as a volunteer teacher. The course is designed to include different meditation techniques, Traditional Hatha Yoga and many other traditional yoga exercises.

Many teachers are concerned that this kind of training is too advanced for them. However, the course provides an overview of the different techniques and styles of meditation which has been developed over many years and will help you understand the techniques and benefits associated with each. This allows you to become confident in your own ability to teach and motivate your students. You will also gain a thorough grounding in the theory of meditation and the different types of meditation techniques that have developed over the years.

This course covers everything from yoga postures and meditation breathing to proper posture and positioning and how to carry out your meditation exercises. There is a focus on helping you understand the importance of the mind and how it is related to body. This in turn gives you the skills required to create a very positive and enjoyable atmosphere at all times with your students.

As with all courses there is also an opportunity to increase your class size and to work at home. Your teaching skills can also be tested with a small group of students that you meet and discuss the course material and the meditation techniques with. It is not recommended that you take up a course without first having a full coaching practice. Having experience in meditation is very important and can help you to build up confidence in your teaching abilities.

The benefits of taking up an online course are obvious. The flexibility it provides means that you can teach whatever style of meditation that appeals to you. You can also make changes to your teaching as your teaching career progresses. When you find that you are not happy with the style of your training you can easily start from scratch.

Choosing the right meditation teacher training course for your needs and interests is essential to increasing your knowledge and skill set in this field. You want to be able to teach meditation with complete confidence and ease. Take your time and ensure that you choose the right course for you.


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